Sunday, February 23, 2014

A special paleo muse today! WholePaleo Witches!

I got up and had my coffee, or at least one cup. I sat at the computer trying to think about what should I do next. Then I saw this:
That woman scares me! What I heard her say, besides something about me being pretty, was "get your ass outside and walk, fatass!" So I did. I think I shall adopt her as my muse today. She looks like she eats plenty of greens, so I will eat a lot of them today. She looks slender, so I will aim to have her body type today. And she rocks a cool hat, huh? After my mile+ walk, I decided to have a banana and Abbey got a biskie.
She's guarding the BB gun. She's a good dog like that. Onward ho!
Breakfast casserole - from the bottom up - spaghetti squash, chopped small white turnips, mushrooms, onions, farm fresh sausage, 1/4 cup organic cottage cheese for the whole thing, and then 4 eggs whirled and poured over the top. The casserole is kind of dense so it takes almost an hour to bake. I put it in for 40ish minutes and it was just a bit too "wavy" in the middle. Another 20 minutes did the trick. I was afraid the turnips would take over the taste, but they blended well with the other flavors. Good stuff. 

My breakfast was huge and I didn't want a biggie lunch, so, into the premade foods I went. Brothers dried apples, a fruit strip from Whole Foods (I'm glad those are gone!), a cheese stick, and some celery. Not a usual lunch, but pretty good. Dinner will be a little more conventional.

My muse stuck with me today. That witch was in my head all the way. Dinner was simple - sweet potato/cauliflower mash along with an 80/20 burger, 1/4-ounce goat cheese, and organic ketchup. I bought a different brand (sweetened with agave) and it's too sweet for me. I'll go back to Woodstock Farms organic ketchup when this is gone. 

I posted on FB recently that I was born hollow. I wonder if that's gone or ever will be gone? Meh. I'm 58. If it's not gone now, who knows what's next.

For today, I've made good and healthy choices, exercised, napped, did some hobby stuff, and worked a little. Keep it up, me!

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