Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whole30, Day 5

Weight down 0.6. Gotta kick it into gear. I have an official DietBet weigh-in in a week and I'm not at 3%. I'll get there. I caved last night and had a no-no. I'm going to move on, though. I have been 100% okay other than that. Not even any dreaded plantain cakes.

I started with a couple patties of farm fresh sausage and some broccoli. When the sausage was defrosted and mostly cooked, I cut it up into small pieces and finished cooking.

Then came the eggs whirled with spinach. Yahoo! An almost quiche. 

I've been thinking about my addiction today. I went to Walmart with my husband to get some vegetables and to take something back. I admitted to him as we walked around that the honest truth is when I go in there, I know where the donuts are, where the ice cream is, where the oatmeal cream pies are, where the candy is, and which brand is here and which brand is there, and where the coolers with single sodas were kept. It's a sad fact that I walk into Walmart and immediately think, "Must eat ALL the junk food."
We talked as we walked about how it is an addiction and how it's not worth giving in to the cravings. I want 180 so bad that I can taste it. There's one way to get there - stay true to myself. That's a loaded phrase that includes sticking with this W30, exercising, remaining on a close-to-W30 food plan, getting good sleep, and socializing and hobbying. 

To my goals' ends, I had a great dinner. I cut up and microwaved a pear with cinnamon, then added a splash of coconut milk. YUM! More sausage and a handful of asparagus. 

This is day 5. I want to reach Day 30. 

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