Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whole30, Day 4

Lost track of blogging yesterday. Here's dinner:
It's the last of the icky parsnip/broccoli mash with a lovely piece of rainbow trout. I also finished up the fruit blend I had made with apples, sweet potato, and cranberries. 

Now, back to today! Day 4 and ready to go. We got 3" of snow last night, which is a lot for around here. I blew all the snow off the deck and played with the dog for a while. She loves it! I didn't want to make breakfast, but I did:
Hand cut zucchini, eggs, and pancetta. I shared the pancetta with the dog. It's remarkable that I hand cut the zucchini. I usually use some kind of fun tool to slice it. I got a notice that my Tessamae's ketchup had shipped. I am ready for it to arrive. I'm not a fan of plain eggs!

How beautiful is that? Pineapple, Nick's Sticks, lettuce, and coconut milk. Amazing. 

I saw photos of roasted onions on the Post 30 Paleo Facebook page, and just had to give them a try. I added broccoli, olive oil, ghee, and Bavarian seasoning and baked along with the second half of the time the turkey needed to be in the oven. I will 100% do this again and again and again. The turkey was the bomb. Again, taking a page from the P3P FB page, I brined a bone-in turkey breast half in water, onion powder, garlic powder, a few bay leaves, and a bit of salt and pepper for 24 hours. I used some of the brine to inject the meat itself before roasting. I used a baking bag. Their instructions call for some flour in the bottom of the bag to help keep it from exploding. Okay, that was enough for me. I got out the sweet potato flour and put a tablespoon in as instructed. I definitely did not want to have a turkey explosion! And voila!
The broccoli/onion blend before. 

And look at how nicely the veggies are browned on the edges! I snagged a small piece of turkey skin, but it's under the broccoli. This is the lunch sized plate and I filled that sucker up. So much flavor. 

Day 4 has been my friend. I've tried a few new things and all went well this time. I have the broccoli that I did not cook for tonight chopped and ready to saute in the morning with sausage or pancetta. Who knows which way I'll feel like going?

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