Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whole30 -1

I'm very excited about starting my W30 tomorrow. This time, it's mine. I even ordered W30 compliant ketchup. That's serious! :)

I'm ready. I feel strong and feel that my recent struggles with stick-to-it-ness are no longer with me. I hope to receive the okay to take long walks again after I see the orthopedist this week. There's nothing stopping me in any sense of the word with this Whole30. I have the pool, my DVDs, my weights, and hopefully walking, all of which I adore. Walking grabbed me this fall and hasn't let go. I used to walk miles every day and loved having that back in my life.

On the Zen side, I have been working on finishing incomplete projects and that includes a quilt that I'm actually quilting rather than tying! It's almost like a 1000-piece puzzle that is set up and ready to be worked on every time you walk by. This time, it's not puzzle pieces; rather, I pick up the needle and thread and do a couple lines of stitching. I have a long way to go, but I'm okay with that! I have finished one small quilt, a Halloween piece, and have a pair of slacks to complete. Beyond that, I'm free to start new things (Robin's mother's quilt, I think, will be first).

Ronnie's Whole30 turned into a Whole29, but who cares? I'm so proud of him. He and Steven wanted some drinks tonight and they're having them. He and Dr. H are such inspirations for me. My other son and my daughter are also getting back to exercise. My daughter's ankle has healed enough for her to go to the gym again and she's urging along her twin. It's a good time in the Apperson family.

My trip to Whole Foods and the farmers market today filled in a lot of the blanks, and now it's just a matter of making it so. Yup, I got this.

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