Monday, January 27, 2014

Whole 30, Day 2

No weight loss, but that's okay. I'm not supposed to weigh anyway. The lump in my throat is considerably less noticeable, but still there. I am 100% convinced it's related to eating gross foods. I'm still in the totally confident space and I'd like to stay here. I slept the sleep of the dead last night. My staying up late the night before day 1 was maybe not my best decision, but it is done and done. I'm proud and empowered having made it through day 1. On with today!

Very weird vegetable choice this morning. I had about half of the green beans and mushrooms cooked with balsamic from last night, so tossed that in a pan after the pancetta was done, and added the last of the bag of spinach. After that was done, I added a couple eggs to the pan. So, breakfast had a weird pancetta/vinegar/spinach flavor. Not bad, but not worth revisiting. The avocado is the last of one that ripened in about 5 minutes! 

Gympact has a vegetable/fruit pact option now and I'm kicking it. You take pictures of your fruits or vegetables, send them in, and after you make your pact (mine is 7 a week - easy peasy), you earn a little money. If you don't make your pact, you have to pay. I can't see me ever not making it. 

The pool today was great. We did all sorts of different stuff and I truly feel like I've worked out. I let the instructor know that I was weaning off of class and into laps, but that it's hard because I love the people I've met. I did not stop on the way home for a water. I felt it was in my best interest to come straight home, so I did. And oh my, check out this lunch.
This was a total experiment based on something a friend posted in the Post W30 Facebook group. Apples, Japanese sweet potato, 2 orange juice ice cubes, freeze dried cranberries, cinnamon, and some water. I brought it to a boil and then simmered until all ingredients were squish tender (about a half hour). I added a blop of coconut cream to give it a little gusto. I pan fried the leftover steak (it was already cooked so all it needed was a good warm-up). This is a Whole30 success. You can use fruit juice for cooking, so that's good. I still have two trays of the orange juice cubes! I keep thinking I'll use them with chicken, but it's always forgotten. One of my prior observations was how brown everything was. Now I experiment a little more with green and red, and my meals are definitely not all brown. Day 2 continues. 

Parsnips and broccoli really don't make a great mash, but I tried it! The chicken, on the other hand, was great. It was dusted with Greek seasoning and baked in foil. I opened the foil for the last 15ish minutes and broiled to completion. I have half of it left for a Waldorf salad tomorrow. I'm going to use coconut milk instead of mayonnaise and see how it goes. 

Day 2 has gone well. The Nick's Sticks (beef sticks) came today. Richard and I both tried one and they were pretty good. You expect them to taste like a Slim Jim, but they don't. They're not seasoned quite as heavily and don't have the squish in the center that I can't stand. Overall, I think I like them. I need a grab protein and these should do. I cook 90% of the time, but there are moments when I just don't have what it takes to prepare a meal for whatever reason. Protein is important not only for Whole30 and paleo, but for my diabetes. 

Let's wave buh bye to Day 2!

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