Friday, January 24, 2014

Prepping for W30 number 2

All the junk food is officially out of the house. I had an amazing breakfast way too early, then had the last of the chocolate for my snack with coffee later. What a way to live, huh? I could have thrown it out, but I didn't want to. Eyes wide open.

I have moved up the start date of Whole30 to this Sunday, January 26. Why wait till February 1? Today's as good a time as any, well, Sunday is.

My Whole Foods trip is tomorrow. There are a couple Tessamae products I'd like to have on hand (they make ketchup too!); their products are W30 compliant. I'm also on the hunt for non sugar cured salami or other hard sausage that comes sliced or that I can slice myself. I'm thinking it doesn't exist, but I'll keep looking.

The rest of this day is compliant based on what I have planned. I'm sure I will go out to lunch tomorrow, but I see no reason to keep it as close to W30 as possible.

I got this. I want this. I need this.

Lisa G, if you're reading, I'mma lean on you :)

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