Monday, January 6, 2014

Blog hiatus begins now.

As I told my Facebook paleo friends, I'm focusing less on photos and writing and more on the before and after of my meals. That means I'm spending my time planning, cooking, eating, and cleaning up around meals.

I will be focusing also on weight loss right now. That will entail eating as close to W30 as I do (you can see what I eat in my shades of paleo post) and continuing to exercise, with the added emphasis on getting to bed at a decent hour and not over snacking at night. I want to continue rediscovering my bliss, and that means less time at the computer.

I will still be active on the Facebook page and on the DietBet site. I'm in no rush. I'm taking my time. I'll be stopping by here from time to time, but my body and my health will not allow me to hang at the computer all the time.

Happy 2014, everyone! May your shade of paleo take you far into the world of health and wellness.

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