Thursday, January 16, 2014

And... we're back


I have found that if I don't take photos and blog during this process (weight loss, healthier living, paleo, exercise, etc.), it's not in the front of my mind where it should be. It's easier to go overboard when you're not mindful of your intake and exercise. So, back to the images and words with me. It's my time to reflect on my choices and make informed decisions about what comes next, what works, what doesn't work, and more. Let the introspective writing, honesty and commitment, the mindfulness and self-awareness begin.

I found a small bag of Virginia ham that I had chopped and frozen  at Thanksgiving for just such a morning as this. I sauteed some asparagus, added the ham, then added eggs to set as an omelet. I put the avocado on top as I ate it and what a wonderful breakfast it was. I'd rate it a 5, but there were some under cooked spots of egg that sort of grossed me out. 

Thought of the morning - Why is a fried egg so good, but when you find bits of fried consistency eggs in your scrambled eggs, it's so icky? These are the things that keep me awake at night. 

'Nuther note. I've had a sick dog for the past two days, so didn't go to the pool. I'll be picking one of my DVDs today and getting busy. The dog is now fine and I need to get my arse out of this chair.

I got outside for a bit and walked about a half-mile in the snow. It's not all that snowy, but the novelty makes it sort of fun. 

Fresh berries with some Greek yogurt. I have a few containers to finish up. When they're gone, I'm done with it for a while again. It doesn't hinder the weight loss, but it doesn't fit my preferred foods template. Nice snack. Very nice snack.

Just finished the 2-mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD. It was a wee bit harder than I thought it would be, but that's okay. A little extra push is a good thing. The dog and I shared a couple of cheese sticks (again, not paleo, but needs to leave my refrigerator!), and I'm good to go till dinner. 

Leftover spaghetti sauce, broccoli slaw and mushrooms sauteed, and too much Parmesan on top. I forgot to take the picture at first. Oops! The sauce was better tonight for sure. I'm not sure I'll do broccoli slaw as he base again, but it was pretty good. It was crunchier than I'd prefer. 

I finished off the day with a snack similar to the earlier one. I added a few Enjoy Life chips and walnuts, and felt like I was eating something super special. Wait. I was eating something super special. 

Reflections: Back to blogging and pictures today. It will take me a little while to get back into the rhythm of photographs and writing, but I'll get there! I think this is a much better way for me to remain accountable for my food and exercise, and life in general. I'm feeling pretty derned good about things right now and want to keep this feeling close. 

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