Saturday, January 18, 2014

Adding a new goal

It doesn't get much better than this - Virginia ham, asparagus, zucchini, and eggs. It's not a 5, but it's close!

Yesterday was a day off. I didn't go too nuts, but I was totally off road. It was planned, it is over, and now I move on. I had fasting blood work drawn yesterday. The tech got me pumped up. We talked about food for a bit and my plan to get a Starbucks breakfast sandwich. One thing led to another and we ended up on the topic of paleo. She told me she was in her second week of her second Whole30. I remembered then that of course, she works for my doctor's office, and he's all about the Whole30. Apparently, most of the staff is on Whole30, Whole30/paleo, or a loose interpretation of paleo itself. 

This morning, the box of Krispy Kremes on the counter didn't even talk to me. There are 2 left and they're for Richard. I bought him a package of cookies that I don't care for and I bought me a container of walnuts. I'm good to go for today. 

I just walked a brisk half-mile. I'll do a DVD later, but I felt the need to move around a bit. And here's my new goal - February 1, I will no longer smoke, socially, with coffee, with beer, nada. It's time. I've been playing with cigarettes again for about 2 years since Lindsey died, and it's time to move on from those too. I have a 3-year-old knee and a 2-year-old knee to take care of, a 1-year-old German shepherd, a husband and 3 kids to be here for, and last, but not least, I have myself. I've been exercising like a maniac over the past couple years and smoking isn't helping. Interesting that I've fixed everything that's "wrong" with me other than that! So, each day, I'm going to post my quit meter at the bottom of the blog. Cheer me on as I become smoke-free once more. My dog dying was a catalyst; it was not a cause. I'm in control of this, not some stupid tobacco product or food or any other outside influence. 

I will quit smoking in 1 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 27 minutes and 24 seconds.

That's what the quit meter looks like. It's a little program that I have on the computer that is hot keyed. Let's watch it grow while I shrink :)

No photos, but had some plantain cakes with organic/sugar-free apple butter for snunch. Snack + lunch = snunch? I dunno. I just made it up. Dinner is planned and I feel pretty good about it. Plus, I get to sit and type on a computer that is in front of a window that looks out onto my bird feeders - lots of visitors today. 

Greek yogurt, banana, and strawberry. Just the perfect snunch ending for after swimming laps and pool walking for 40 minutes. I'll be sore tomorrow from the swimming, but it's a good sore and I don't mind so much. What I also did was leave the smokes at home. Why bother with them when I'm working so hard to improve everything else in my life? 

Mashed cauliflower with the last of the mini potatoes, hamburger with almost the last of the goat cheese, and leftover vegetables from this morning's breakfast. I use ghee and coconut milk in my mashes, and the flavor is so wonderful, be it cauliflower, rutabaga, or even the occasional potato. 

The night is ahead and I'm sure it will hold a few challenges, but I'm fortunate to have mondo resolvo today. 

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