Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Saturday that's looking good

Yesterday was off day. I try to keep my off days to Friday or whichever day I plan on staying up late. It's not the best of primal plans, but it's my bicycle. My Harry and David's pears arrived today. Now I wait a day or so for them to ripen. I put four in the frig to delay ripening. They're going to make great snacks!

I have just enough kale left for tomorrow's breakfast. Today, I paired the eggs and kale with avocado and pancetta. There's about a tablespoon of goat cheese crumbles in there too. 

For lunch, the last of the former pot roast with tomatoes to which I had added sauteed chicken and haricots vert. I drained off all the liquid and had a nice ragout with tons of taste and flavor. A great way to mix up a little of this and that and make something new. 

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