Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zucchini rules in the paleo breakfast

FBS 168, weight down 0.6 pounds.

I wanted zucchini, but I wanted something different. While the pancetta cooked, I zoodled a small zucchini, spritzed with olive oil, and added paprika, onion salt, garlic salt, and pepper in small amounts. I baked this slowly at 250° for about 20 minutes, tossed it and put it back in the toaster oven for 20 minutes more. It was done, but not crisp, so I decided to use it in the eggs rather than beside them. 
And so, that's what I did! I added 2 eggs to the zucchini in a pan and it was amazing. I added no additional seasoning and I didn't need to. The zoodles were flavor enough. I didn't picture the pancetta, but you know it's there! I've said it before, but is there anything zucchini can't do? The answer is most probably "no." It rules. I have a meeting with the reunion committee today around 11, so I need to be careful not to eat crap while I'm there. I'm taking grapes and strawberries.  

Friday, August 30, 2013

Where did the day go?

No FBS or weight today.

Breakfast was great.
Pancetta with eggs. The eggs were added to pulverized tomatoes and some sauteed mushrooms. Excellent. 

Lunch has no picture, but it was good. I wasn't in the mood for eating, so I had a container of Greek yogurt and a banana. 

Dinner, though, was amazing. Beef and onions caramelized in compliant bacon grease, then added: carrots, zucchini, eggplant, celery, haricot vert, sweet potato, kale, garlic, tomatoes, and 4 tiny new potatoes. I had some beef stock and added that, then cooked until the carrots were done. I did add S&P, but that's it. I have a lot of leftovers, so my lunches this week are good to go. I finished dinner with some coconut milk whirled with pineapple. Unfortunately, I left a few pieces of the hard core in the pineapple and that didn't disintegrate. Other than that, it was delicious. I'm still doing 5 thumbs up because the soup was sooooo good. 

No reflections today. I'm still chawing on that in my head. I had one small falter today (caramel cream candy), but was amazingly W30 compliant other than that. Now I process whether the falter was mindful or not - moving on!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kickin it into serious gear for a week, Whole7, Day 1

FBS 174

Taking a week to get to center after a day at the theme park!
I think I could eat pancetta until I got so full I had to let it go, if you know what I mean. It is so derned tasty! This morning, I cooked up a patty pan squash while the pancetta cooked and added a couple of eggs when everything was about done. Much better than the red velvet truffles I ate yesterday. Okay, that's a lie; they were so worth it. But, I do love breakfast! 
No picture of my banana for lunch. I had it mid-day. But I do have my pineapple and Genoa salami salad for you:
I'll double up on veggies with dinner.  

Broccoli that was leftover was blended with freshly cooked baby turnips. There was already ghee in the broccoli, so all I added was salt, pepper, and a tablespoon or so of coconut milk. I tried something new with the fish. I seasoned it with coconut aminos, lemon zest, garlic salt, and pepper. I wrapped it in foil and cooked it on a high heat until done. It was okay, but it probably would have been better broiled. The taste was there, though.  Live and learn!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's going to be a walking day!

FBS 159, weight up 0.8

I'm going to Busch Gardens today to ride roller coasters and I bet we walk several miles at the same time. I might turn on RunKeeper just to see! In anticipation of that, I wanted to frontload the day with good foods.
The leftover broccoli from last night was calling my name, so after draining the fat after the pancetta cooked, I tossed the broccoli until it was warm, sprinkled a little shredded cheese, and then added a couple eggs. You can see there was a lot more vegetable than egg! Broccoli is always good, but this isn't the best I've bought, so I have to give this a 4 thumbs up this morning. I think I'll leave the cheese out next time. It added nothing and took away from the pancetta taste that should have been in the pan. It totally weirds me out that when I do try cheese, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm fine with that, but am still amazed that it's a truth in my life now. Maybe I'll use the shreds to make a crisp. Or maybe it will become dog food. We'll see! 
Budweiser Lite is not paleo, but it was hot, starting to rain, and that beer was mighty cold! Delicious. Robin and I, along with my daughter and her beau, went to Busch Gardens and rode roller coasters. There's a reason I don't have the rest of today's meals posted. Before we went on our outing, I had a cup of Greek yogurt and a banana, and then afterward, we all had a yogurt covered pretzel. I got some take-home crap (truffles!) and that was that. We had fun and we walked forever. Great memories. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yay for 90%

FBS 169, Weight steady

What a great breakfast. Sauteed patty pan squash, cooked with the bacon (bacon shared with the dog!), along with some fresh Romas in the pan when it was just about time to add the eggs. I had taken the bacon out and scooped out the extra grease before adding the tomato and eggs. The avocado was the icing on the breakfast cake. 

Reflections: I was thinking about what it would take to be 90% paleo. Doing the math, it would take 6.3 days a week to remain 90%. I do that. My goal is 100%, but I rarely make it. I like my chocolate and it keeps me on track, if that makes any sense at all. I need to decide if I want to shoot for 100% or not. There are a lot of folks who advocate 80/20, but I think that's off the rails too much for me. I still have some weight to lose and feel good when I'm closer to 100%. I guess everyone's journey is different; I know mine is! More to come on this thought process. 

It was time to finish up not only the goat cheese, but the fire roasted red peppers. I put some cheese on the peppers, then added some of last night's chicken. I popped the pan into the toaster oven for 10 minutes, just long enough to get things warm; I didn't want to re-cook the chicken, but I also didn't want it cold. All these tastes together just plain worked. Glad that goat cheese is gone though!

Good dinner, but kind of boring. This is the fresh sausage from the farmers market. The broccoli is broccoli. Go figure. Funny story. While I was dishing up the broccoli, the spoon slipped and I ended up flinging a serving spoon full of broccoli across the room. Ooops. I hadn't intended to mop the floor before dinner, but that's just what I did. Thank the stars for a Swiffer Wet Jet! Note: I did not eat the floor broccoli :) Anyway, the food was good, but it was only good. I have pineapple planned for later. 

Reflections: I can't seem to stop grabbing fiber bars. I need to simply never eat one again, make it so that they are not even an option. I know better. Exercise class was fine today. I so look forward to going on my scheduled days. Tomorrow, I'll be walking around Busch Gardens with Allison and will get a walking workout for sure. I'm ready! There most likely will not be any eating at Busch Gardens. I doubt I'd find anything acceptable other than ribs, and they slather them with sauce. We'll see. 

P.S. Hi Joye!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Paleo without Facebook

FBS 154, Weight down 1/2-pound

I'm going Facebook-free for a day or so. I've had this stupid enabler feeling of late. I love my paleo group and keeping up with family and friends, but I'm so sick of everywhere I go on the internet being required to have a Facebook login to continue. Blech. AOL took down Prodigy and Compuserve, and now FB is taking down so many pieces here and there of the WWW. It just bugs me, so I'm taking a break. My drop in the integrity bucket won't mean a thing to Facebook, but I'll know :)
Spinach, oh spinach. Love you! Asparagus and eggs make for a lovely dish with spinach too. I had regular bacon this morning and a wonderful avocado. It wasn't a 5, but it was real close. Breakfast is still my favorite meal. It's also amazing how big 2 eggs look on the plate. Just add vegetables and boom! 

Ooops, the blog slipped away from me. Simple lunch today. Leftover chicken soup and a strawberry smoothie made with coconut milk:

Dinner was a wonderful chicken breast. I had a chocolate bar earlier, so didn't have stuff to go with the protein and fat. Argh. Moving on!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another sweet potato win!

FBS 169

I bought a few fresh sweet potatoes at the farmers market yesterday. I shredded one and a half patty pan squash, and put that in a pan with chopped bacon and some onions. I sauteed until the bacon was done. I have been using slow cooking rather than fast of late, and it seems to make a big difference in how the meat and veggies cook together.
I, of course, added a couple eggs when the hash was just about done and scrambled them up. S&P finished it off. It was the most amazing breakfast ever. I would guess the amount of bacon was about a slice and a half. It wasn't much, but it was perfect. I will definitely try the fresh sweet potatoes in a savory manner like this again. I wonder if the freshness of it made the sweet potato acceptable? It didn't overpower at all, which has been my experience in the past. Good job, Donna! 

Lunch was okay. The grapes were great. The turkey and goat cheese were meh. 
I'm glad the turkey slices are just about gone. I put some goat cheese from the farmers market on a cucumber I cut in three slices, then added the turkey roll. I didn't add salt because the cheese adds a salty flavor. The grapes were delicious. It was a nice, fresh cold plate, but not what the doctor ordered. Looking forward to a better dinner. 

Chicken sausage (Italian) with tomatoes from the garden and a patty pan squash. I used a little bacon grease since there was no real fat to speak of in the sausage. It was pretty good. I'm not a fan of Italian flavored items, but this was okay. I have three more, so I better like them! 

Reflections: Ronnie tells me he's a week away from finishing his Whole30. I'm so proud of him! I'm going hardcore myself for a while. Who knows what gets one off track; the goal is to get back on track without the pain. So, that's what I've done today. Plus! I was checking out the raised bed garden and noticed I have a cantaloupe growing! I thought that Abbey had totally destroyed that leg of the garden, so it made me smile really big to see it. Not sure how it will taste because it's a little late to the game, but you can bet one thing, I'll definitely try it. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paleo, paleo, where for art though paleo?

FBS 171

Dang, I was on target yesterday and had a "screw it" moment and it all went up in smoke. My "have a few snacks while playing cards" might not work if it's going to lead to 24 hours of mayhem. My food dragons may be stronger than I thought. I need to process this and figure out why I get the don't care moments. Back on track today and planning a nice trip to the farmers market in Richmond, which will include good people, sunshine, and plenty of walking. I already preordered the bacon and now hope that the sausage guy is there and has what I want.
Oh happy day. My little Roma tomatoes don't bother me one iota, so I've been eating them as if they were going out of style, which they kind of are as the vines will give out eventually. They have a really nice taste. I cooked the pancetta, drained the grease (the dog loved it!), then cracked two eggs in the pan. I let them start to set and added the slices of tomatoes and S&P. I tried to flip it in one piece, but that didn't work, so I let it just finish cooking and made sure the tomatoes were not smushed, and it was delicious. I even put it on my quilt so I could take a decent picture. We'll call it Still Life on Paper Plate. Museums should eat that stuff up!

Lunch didn't happen. Don't ask.

I did have a fun experience at the farmers market. I got what I went for and then some. I bought some really dark wild mushrooms and split them with MegAnne, enough sausage to freeze nine 1/3-pound bags, some wonderful fresh bacon, patty pan squash!, kale, and some sweet potatoes. Allison and Judge went here and there, and MegAnne and I sort of shopped! Walking to the market, we passed a yard sale/giveaway and MegAnne scored an iron and tabletop ironing board. Free! Allison and Judge and I went to Whole Foods after. I got the usual, but got enough to not have to go back for a while. 

I cooked up some of the farm fresh bacon from the farmers market for Richard. I had pre-ordered, so I already knew what I was cooking for him for dinner. I had a couple pieces as it's totally uncured or flavored. I poured most of the grease out of the pan when it was done and pan fried the tilapia, which had been coated with crushed sweet potato chips. The side dish is leftover mashed cauliflower.  

Reflections: Today has been a marvelous day. Lunch mistakes excluded, of course. I got to know Judge a little better, had a fun time going to Allison's apartment and saying to Judge "Oh, you're here early" (I'm an evil mom!), and overall, just good people doing good things. Richard and the dog got along like champs, and Abbey provided some comedy when I got home. She went under the deck and got her basketball and carried it over to her new soccer ball! It was like she wanted them to meet. It was a totally intentional move on her part. She's amazing sometimes, that dog! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Existentialistic vegetables

I sat outside watching the clouds roll by for a while before breakfast. The sky is a perfect light blue and the clouds are wispy, puffy, and snow white. It reminds me of how insignificant we are in the universe even though we are centrally important to ourselves and those around us. We're stewards of the planet and doing a meh job. Interesting how those things sort of flitter around in the gray matter from time to time. While I was being an existentialist, my veggies were inside cooking with the pancetta. How's that for re-grounding a person?
This was a new pack of pancetta and it didn't cook as well as the past packages. The part that was cooked through was delicious. Abbey got to enjoy the parts that were a little uncooked. There were zucchini and mushrooms in the pan with the pancetta, and then spinach in the eggs with a healthy dose of pepper. Pancetta is salty enough, so I didn't add any extra. If the pancetta had been cooked right, this would have been a 5 thumbs up. (P.S. I was the big winner at card playing night yesterday. Go me!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cauliflower rules and Paleo Magazine

FBS 166, weight down 1/2-pound

Leftover mashed cauliflower mixed with two eggs, then popped into the pan when the pancetta was done and excess grease poured out. I added some paprika after I took the picture just to give it a little kick. What a great breakfast. I think cauliflower should be crowned the new king of vegetables. Broccoli has held the title long enough. 

I dashed a note to Paleo Magazine last night about my concern that they possibly (and it's not just them) don't address non-CrossFit members of the paleo community. I got a super nice replay from the editor this morning. It's nice to know that they listen. I love my CrossFit friends, but I also love my pool friends, walker friends, runner friends, Zumba friends, weight lifting friends, home gym get the picture. My theory is this - Almost all CrossFit people are paleo yet not all paleo people are CrossFit people. Additionally, the internet is overflowing with information about Whole30 and paleo written by and experienced by vocal and successful CrossFit advocates. I think I've seen this in a skewed manner and started to take it personally. It's not personal. It's one of many ways to stay in shape and I am officially not feeling like a second class exercise citizen any longer. My problem. Not anyone else's. I just needed to figure it out by myself. And I did. I'm sure the editor thought I was a rambling fool when he read my email; it was a stream of consciousness thing. I'm glad we had the exchange.  

The bottom line is that no matter what exercise you get, whether it be going for a walk, blowing leaves, lifting weights, climbing trees, or whatever, it's a good thing. It makes me smile to see people who are obviously just getting started hop into the pool and start moving. I want to holler, "You go!"

Lunch was amazing. Patty pan and mushrooms, along with a filet. 

It was cards night and everything was derailed. I'm okay with that. I even bought a Diet Dr Pepper. Life happens! Back on the tight control train in the morning. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I yam what I yam or Spinach is good food!

FBS 149, weight down 1.2

Looks a lot like most breakfasts I have, huh? Well, it's not. I sauteed some patty pan squash and spinach with the pancetta this morning. The spinach wilted beautifully and the squash got just the right amount of tender. I put 2 eggs in the Magic Bullet with 2 Roma tomatoes, whipped that up, and poured it over the vegetable mixture when the pancetta was done and the pan drained. My goal was to let it set and turn it out, but, oh well, I ended up with a few pieces rather than one. The spinach made all the difference.  

I declare today SPINACH DAY! 

I'll figure out how to incorporate spinach into lunch and dinner too. I'm making meatballs for dinner. I wonder if I can sneak spinach into that. That would be amazing.

My BMI is 37.4. In order for it to be within normal limits, my weight 'should' be between 114 and 149. Also as of today, I've lost approximately 28% of my body weight from when I began in July 2011. 
I had some leftover coconut milk separated in the refrigerator and used some of that with some peaches and a touch of the peach juice. Excellent. I'll do this again. 
This is a really small plate. I did not eat a dinner plate's worth of steak and beans! I wasn't in the mood for eating today, so I made something delicious and quick. A small filet, French green beans, and some spices. Very nice. 

I probably ate a teaspoon or half a teaspoon of rice. Oh no! I made Richard some Rice-a-Roni and tasted it to see if it was done. I didn't eat those rice kernels you see on my plate. What I did eat was the mashed cauliflower. It was great. I used some coconut milk and ghee, and my hand blender to whip it up. It's the best I've made thus far. The meatballs were seasoned lightly and the applesauce was for fun. My husband pointed out that things like the mashed cauliflower are why I can keep doing this - he thinks I'm creative. He might be right. I guess I'm going to have to try cauliflower rice, huh?

Reflections: Some good foods today and lots of tired. I did get a nap, but for some reason, I went to bed too late and got up too early. Oh well. I'll sleep tonight! I got some sewing done and watched an episode of Dexter, so overall, it was a good day. Besides, Duck Dynasty is on tonight, so how can it be anything but good?