Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quiet for a couple of days, Whole30 -2, Thoughts on fat

I am starting my second Whole30 on August 1, two days from now. I'm looking forward to it. So, bear with me while I'm a tad quiet on the blog.

Couple of items that are food for thought.

Reasons to stay fat (not just for me):
  • You get to be invisible. People tend to look away when you're overweight. They either think you're gross, undisciplined, ugly, or pitiful. 
  • You don't have to deal with a ton of friends. The people in your life who are generally shallow have to truly get to know you to be able to see past your exterior. That sounds rough, but it's at least partially true. 
  • You are easily comforted. Are you sad? You eat. Are you happy? You eat. Are you bored? You eat. Are you excited? You eat. Having an occasion? You eat. You get the picture. The fact that 60 seconds pass to make a minute is reason enough to down another snack or a meal.
  • You can hide in plain sight. Because you're invisible, your layers of fat allow you to hide and move through life without attracting Joe and Joan Q. Public's attention. 
  • You get to leave impressions. They may not be the impressions you want to leave, but you are lazy, ill equipped to deal with life's offerings, and obviously you do not care.
  • You don't have to worry about clothes. Clothing in 4X is pretty plain, so everything you have matches your pull on jeans. You don't even have to go out to shop! Everything you need can be found on line. Who cares if your choices are limited? You're dressed. 
  • You never miss an episode of your favorite television show. You probably don't even feel like going out all that much. It's harder to move around, so why bother? 
  • Your week is not interrupted by exercise or gym time. Thank goodness. There's more time to think about, prepare, buy, or chow down more food that will hang with you for as long as you want it.
  • Your fat is your best friend. It never lets you down. It is always willing to welcome all comers. Eat all you want. Your layer of insulation will thank you. 
  • You get to see your doctor a lot. It might not be today, but the roller coaster upon which your blood sugar and hormones ride will eventually get you into your doctor's office. You might even become a frequent visitor. 
  • You may also become a friend of your pharmacy. Because your cholesterol and other blood levels are probably out of whack, your insurance policy is going to get a workout with prescription drugs that you will get to take.
  • You will get a lot of sleep. Sluggish day means naps and lots of sleep. If you eat late at night when other people can't see you, you'll get to sleep in. Eating is always something you can fit  in.
  • Your grocery bill won't be as high. Crap food is less expensive than real food. That's why you buy it, right? 
  • Your sugar demons are satisfied. It feels great to know that you're not wanting something that you really don't want to avoid.
  • And a million other reasons.
Reasons to eat right:
  • Blood sugar levels go down and come close to normalizing.
  • Other laboratory indicators improve. 
  • You may not need to deal with medical issues, including gastric upset, sore joints, and a whole host of other problems.
  • You can sleep on your stomach without feeling like you ate a moose.
  • You can move with fluidity.
  • Clothing fits.
  • You get to explore the out of doors and hang with other people much more interactively.
  • It doesn't wear you out to hang with kids or your dog. 
  • You get your damned life back. I can't emphasize this one enough. Think about the implications of that short statement - you....get....your.....life.....back. 
I'm going to stop there. The last bullet is enough for me. The other benefits of eating right are amazing all by themselves, but the bottom line is real eating = real life. 

Everyone's travels in life are different. My journey with Whole30 is best described in my Day 29 wrap-up. It will be interesting for me to get to day 29 again in August. My lists above are incomplete and each person can add their own items. As Dr. Carr once told me, "Life is too short to walk from bench to bench." I'll never forget that. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Whole30 -2 and counting

FBS 178
The last of the left over pot roast and carrots along with a couple goovular fried eggs. I cooked the eggs a tich too long. Next time, I'll get it right. Ghee is the best for frying eggs. Plus, the dog likes the remaining ghee on her food. Win-win, right? 
Whole30 begins on August 1. I'm pretty close to W30 now, but I'll tighten it up for 30 days and I see no down side to that effort. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm an egg frying fool! (W30 compliant)

FBS 202, weight, well below the FBS reading :)
Frying eggs has never been my forte, but for some reason, it is now. And my, my, are they some kind of good. I cooked the compliant pancetta slowly in a pan with the asparagus, added a small amount of ghee, finished off the asparagus, and then put the eggs in the pan on medium heat. A heavy hand of pepper and a light hand of salt, and they were great. The avocado eliminates the need for ketchup with my eggs, a life-long habit, so that makes the meal 100% compliant.  
I've reached a weight goal too. I'm below 230. I'm aiming for 160-180, and I will make it. I'll be heading to the pool this afternoon and am looking forward to the movement. My blood sugar is happier too. W30, where have you been all my life? 
Pretty meh lunch. Pineapple and chicken mixed into heavy cream whipped with vanilla powder and a touch of coconut crystals. It was okay, but not a 5 at all. I am gearing up for a Whole30 which begins on August 1, so I want to use up the cream and not 100% compliant meats in the frig. Ergo, this weird blend of stuff for lunch. It could be worse. It could be full of grains! 
Nice leftovers from last night, at least the beef. I ditched the veggies I had cooked with it because they weren't up to snuff. I added a can of carrots (yum!) and simmered these two things in the strained broth. It was better the second time around, as often happens with pot roast.  
I had a good workout at the pool. I was pretty derned hungry when I got home!

Reflections: I reached a huge milestone today with weight. 80 fatass pounds are gone, 25 of which are since beginning my first Whole30. I felt good at the pool and pumped up my workout during the hour. As I told my sister, "I'm a fucking ballerina in the water!" It's what I know and it's what I always go back to. 

I have the Thursday and Friday bad behavior behind me and am fast approaching the second W30, which starts August 1. Life is good.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paleo brunch and shopping for good food

It may look like blech to you, but it was amazing. Egg salad. I found some mayonnaise at Whole Foods that was pretty compliant (the jury is out on canola oil) and added it and some other stuff to the hard boiled eggs. I had a small bowl of watermelon to go with. I was starving and that made it even more delicious. 

I drove to Richmond to Whole Foods this morning to spend my gift card and then some. I bought W30 foods. I think I'm going full tilt on August 1 with the W30 Springfield people. The whole 30 days. Why the heck not? 

I started a c rock pot yesterday, but it wasn't quite ready, so I added brussel sprouts to it today and let it cook on low for a bunch of hours. Parsnips for me, potatoes for Richard, carrots, onions, organic beef broth, and some garlic/onion powder made it really good. The parsnips were a bit woody and the sprouts a bit flowery tasting, but overall, it was a good dinner. A small bowl of pineapple to go with and a few pistachios later, and I'm done for the day.

Reflections: My birthday bled into last night's overeating binge. Yes, I'd have to call it a binge. There is no accounting for the why no matter when this happens. I did not like the way I felt overnight, nor did I like the way I felt today for the first half of the day. I have closed yesterday's chapter. If I process it to death, I'll perseverate and I do not want that to happen. What I also am avoiding is thinking that "oh well, I did this, may as well keep doing it." That's the counterproductive me. At this point in my life, I'm way beyond that. My new way of thinking is "I did this. I admit it. I declare it. I process it. I move on." I believe I mentioned to someone on Facebook the other day that it was okay if they followed this credo, "If you're not hurt, brush off the dirt." I utilized that in raising my children and will follow that advice myself. I'm not hurt. I have brushed off the dirt. I'm now running and playing in the playground with wild abandon. If I fall again, I am more equipped to deal with it. A couple of knee scrapes does not a failure make. 

Intermittent relapse into food insanity

I posted this on the Post 30 Paleo on Facebook. It's worth repeating here so I can review it when needed.

Wowsers. I totally went off the rails yesterday. It was like the old me crawled into my brain and took over. I really don't want that to happen again. The why involves having crap in the house. Even though I had put it all in the freezer, it tasted frozen. I allowed an old demon to overrule the new strong person that I have become. Lesson learned is that I have to be so much more aware and cognizant of the fact that the old me still lives. I'm very sad about this, but am not going to allow it to change my efforts. In fact, it most likely will make me redouble my efforts. It also tells me that I'm frickin human and foibles still exist. Was it worth it? No. Was it worth it on my birthday? Yes. But, if the intentional derailing led to the unintentional, almost rote derailing, then it wasn't worth it either day. I think I am personally done processing this, but I, in the process, needed to declare it and make it see the light of day rather than hovering under my consciousness to possibly re-emerge again. Whew. That was a tough post to write.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Debauchery be gone! Whole7 Day 1

FBS 225

Lordamercy, birthdays are hard on a girl. Self-inflicted. No mercy. Today's my 'get back on the frickin bicycle' day and roll on. Breakfast was wonderfully on target.
Amazing Whole30 compliant pancetta, amazing asparagus tips, and amazing fried eggs with extra pepper. Eggs are just so derned good with pepper. I'm pleasantly full and my taste buds are happy. I'm ready to go to exercise class!

I wasn't very hungry at lunch, so rather than go with nothing, I had a banana with cashew butter and some Greek yogurt. I know the yogurt is not W30, but I do allow it on my paleo after W30. I think my innards are still not happy with me from yesterday. Exercise class was fine, but I'm tired today. Thankfully, I have an early night ahead of me and will end up going to bed early. Pot roast is in the crock pot with carrots, parsnips, and onions. I tossed in some potatoes for Richard. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Late post!

It's been a birthday to remember. I'm now the proud owner of a Zumba set and a $100 Whole Foods gift card. Both are necessary based on what I ate today. Oh no! Yes, I went nuts today and I'm okay with that. Fortunately, I stocked up on veggies and stuff yesterday, so I am ready to jump back into real life.

See that? Real life? That's the truth. My daughter and I were talking and I told her I was not on a diet, that this is the way that I live now. And there you have it. My lifetime declaration. 

I'm 58 now. It's official. I'm 2 years closer to 60 than I was. Not bad. I thought 60 meant decrepit and I was wrong. I totally swear that life after 50 has been, at the least, as amazing or more amazing than life before 50, not including having children. I only hope for the rest of the world that their time after 50 is as active and fruitful as it has been for me. I have no plans on slowing down and that's that.

So, happy birthday to me! Back to the real world tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating what I have on hand

FBS 145, weight up 0.4

It's definitely not crisis time, but I'm waiting for payday, so it's creative cooking time! That can be a good thing or a weird thing. Let's hope it's a good thing. I do plan on days like this. I'll check out the frig, freezer, and cabinet and map out in my head what comes next. Today, it should be interesting. So here goes!
Breakfast was indeed creative. I had saved a few of last night's meatballs for my husband, but oh well; they spoke to me this morning instead. I put them in a pan and chopped them up with the flipper. Hmm, what should I eat with that? I had two eggs left and some kale, so I packed the Magic Bullet full, added the eggs and a touch of S&P, and whirled it until the kale was incorporated and the eggs were fluffy. Let's see what's in the veggie drawer - an avocado! I cut it in half and cubed the fruit, and voila, a wonderful scramble with avocado on the side. W30 compilant and tasty. One note, though; I used coconut flour in the meatballs. I will not do that again. They had a whacky texture. I'd rather have no binder than a gross one, though this wasn't gross enough to not eat it!
No picture for lunch/snack. I ate it way too fast. That's how groovy it was. Coconut cream with a teaspoon of raw honey, apple pie spice, all whipped into a delicious fluff. I added peaches that I cut up into tiny pieces. If it hadn't been so great, I might have frozen it about halfway, but noooo...I ate it in record time. So much for changing my relationship with food, huh? 
I bought free range organic boneless chicken breasts recently and froze them in individual portions. This is one of those sauteed in ghee along with the carrots and seasoning. I gotta say, it was a mite bit tasty. I went heavy on the paprika, just the way I like it. I cut up the remainder of the breakfast avocado and had a bite of that with each bite of chicken. This was real close to a 5 thumbs up meal, real close. The first time I cooked a piece of this chicken, I didn't think it was all that different or better than regular store-bought Perdue chicken. I've changed my opinion. It's much better. I do buy chicken breasts at The Fresh Market and wouldn't buy them anywhere else. Their tenders aren't anything special to me. I'll have to check the brand of the boneless breasts next time I go by Harris Teeter. They're worth buying again. And god knows why I love me some canned carrots, but I do. A lot. I might want to marry them.

I called my sister to ask her how she cooks her Brussels sprouts and then I tried to make them. The only change I made was to cut them in half. I sauteed them in bacon grease, added garlic and onion powder along with some pepper (she said to use fresh garlic), and then covered the pan for 10-15 minutes. They were mighty good. I broiled shrimp with Old Bay and other seasoning, along with a bit of ghee and bacon grease that I had melted together, and put them on foil on a pan and broiled till they started to brown. Oh yeah, I put on parsley for good measure. As my other sister likes to ask, "Who's a good cook?" Tonight, the answer is ME! 

Reflections: An excellent food day. I made copies of a few recipes from some library cookbooks and will be trying a few more new things. One is a sweet potato casserole and I want to try that one ASAP. I haven't had Brussels sprouts I like since I was a kid (cept for the ones my sister made and I tried one time). I'm glad they turned out well. Another bit of ammo in my arsenal! Now to get the sweet potato thing going. I absolutely HAVE to find something made with them that I like. 

Today is the last day of my 57th year, or as my older sister said, "happy labor pains day." I bought some pistachio muffins for breakfast. Yup. Muffins. Not paleo. It pays to be as close to W30 as possible when one wants to take a cheat day. They become guilt-free. And for me, guilt was a big problem when it came to foods. I'm so past that. Thank you W30!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Success with eating out!

FBS 170 (yogurt for snack last night?), weight down 2

Last night, I went out with a group for dinner. I've been out to eat a few times since switching to W30/paleo eating, but the week I was in Texas recently was a bust. Not so much yesterday. I ordered broiled fish and shrimp along with a salad and green beans. The waitress was ready to hand me the plate with a baked potato front and center, and I asked her to take the potato back. I felt it wasn't in my best interest to have it in front of me. She was great about it. The seafood platter came with oysters and scallops, but I asked not to get those. I think they gave me extra shrimp. Regardless, it was delicious, on target, and well worth the money. Plus, a good time was had! That's what it was all about. Dinner was secondary. I did have a Greek yogurt and pistachios for snack later, and I wonder if that's why my blood sugar is still a touch in the upper range. Here's a picture of me and a classmate at our high school gathering (a blend of all graduating classes, about 40 people). We filled about half the restaurant. I also sat with a few of my sister's classmates. I saw some people I haven't seen since the '70s. True! Another classmate saw this on Facebook and asked who those old gray haired hippies were. Sheesh. I keep saying that my lighter hair is blonde, not gray. When is that going to get through everyone's thick head? :)
Back to today:
Breakfasts at home....almost better than restaurant food. I sauteed a half yellow squash with some cubed pancetta. It was good, but I'll stick with the flat pancetta. I've seen pictures of fried eggs all over the Whole30/paleo pages on Facebook, so I gave it a shot. They were great. There's a little ketchup under the eggs. The best part was when the eggs were almost gone and I got to mix everything up - crunchy pancetta, crunchy squash, and runny eggs. Yum. I'm so used to mixing everything together in the Magic Bullet. It was nice to have separate tastes this morning.  The pancetta keeps this meal from getting a rating of 5. 

One of my favorite lunches. A small filet of beef, hairy corvairs (however you spell it), mushrooms, and ghee. Who could ask for more?? Today is an exercise day, so I'm famished. I'll probably have a yogurt later. I'd give this a 5, but I overcooked the steak ever so slightly.

Dinner was a plus and a minus. I made meatballs with grassfed beef, green peppers, coconut flour, onion and garlic powder, and paprika. They were the plus. I was going to shred some zucchini and saute it for my sauce (W30 compliant), but the zukes had bought the farm, so to speak. Ick. So, I grabbed my leftover cauliflower and broccoli, mashed that with an egg and onions, and proceeded to fry up some veggie cakes in ghee. Well, they didn't set up. So, I cooked it anyway and put the meatballs and sauce on top. Ick x2. I ate most of it, but it was definitely not my cup of tea. So, we'll call that part of my dinner a fail, netting a low number of caveman thumbs up.

Reflections: People in my pool exercise class still tell me how different I look and how easier I seem to move. One of them asked for my doctor's name and took the time to bring a ziplock bag with pen and paper inside so it wouldn't get wet after she wrote it down. I felt good today, having gone out last night and been among people that I haven't seen in years and some I just met last night. I haven't done that kind of thing in a while. I didn't even mind having my picture taken.

I also learned that a long-time online friend has been paleo for years. I might have known that, but I guess I didn't pay attention. 

Whole30 has totally changed everything. I've latched onto it and have probably become a little obsessive, but once again, it's just right for me. I read a book 25-30 years ago called Habits of Health. I'm finally living that life, even if it's not the same tenants. 

230 is soon to be in my rear view mirror. -85 is soon to be a reality. All of these things make <200 a true reality.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Post W30 Paleo - Let's make this thing happen

FBS 177, weight down 0.5 pound.

Regular bacon again since I'm not doing W30. I'll save the sugar free pancetta for my next W30 week. I had some asparagus and sauteed the tips in the pan as the bacon sizzled. Then I filled the large Magic Bullet cup with kale and two eggs, seasoned with S&P, and turned that into an amazing egg dish, which I cooked in the bacon pan after that was done and while it was draining. A breakfast worth repeating. 
Light lunch today. I'm going out to dinner tonight. I have a plan, but wanted to make sure I'm ready in all ways.
Greek yogurt and cut up 1/2-banana. Yes, I have Greek yogurt once in a while, maybe once or twice a week. I'm okay with it being part of my lifelong journey. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ooops, skipped a day! 7/20 AND 7/21

7/20 - My twins turned 29. The day started off perfectly. Behold.

I sauteed some zucchini and onion in bacon grease 
Then added eggs with about a teaspoon of asiago. I had made bacon for my husband, so had a couple slices of that. 
And then there was cake. End of story for the end of the 20th. 

7/21 FBS 182, weight up 1.2

Whew, back to real life. Broccoli, cauliflower, and chopped ham warmed up and then topped with two whirled eggs. Amazing to be back on track and eating good food. 

Somehow lunch escaped me. Maybe because breakfast was at 10:30ish. I was, therefore, famished when I came home from the gym after an hour of swimming, walking, and kickboard work. I'm definitely tougher on myself than my instructor is during the week. I had a good playlist going on, though, so I hardly noticed the time passing.
This is a free range chicken breast filet which I sauteed with mushrooms, onions, and the tiny carrots I picked from my deck garden today. 
Aren't they cute?  
As expected, the broccoli and cauliflower I cooked yesterday is lasting me through several meals. I have enough for one more left in the container. 

Reflections: I skipped a meal today and I felt it by dinner time. I won't do that again. I took my blood sugar to make sure all was well, and it was. I don't think my body likes going a long stretch without sustenance. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Whole9 taking over - tight paleo is where it's at (unless a W30 is needed)

FBS 174 - Indiscretions last night. They definitely show up, don't they?

Thus begins my paleo adventure. I will stick close to W30 because that is what I know and that is what works for me. I'll share my meals and hope they give you some ideas too. I will have cheese once in a while and possibly yogurt. It's okay! Dairy is not a problem for me. I am looking forward to the rest of my life. When necessary, I'll do W30 for a week or a month or whatever it takes to get back on track when and if I go off track. I'm still feeling the high of the excellent medical results and want to continue this for as long as I have the ability to plan and cook. I have found what works. Why mess that up?
W30 compliant pancetta with sauteed zucchini and eggs that have been whirled with tomato. A touch of asiago to cap it off (not W30 compliant). 
I am pasting what I posted in the Post Whole30 Paleo group on Facebook. 

A very, very sad day in my life. I have to say goodbye to farm fresh tomatoes. I ate one several days ago and had a weird throat reaction. No biggie. This morning, I chopped one up with my eggs, and within minutes, the odd throat reaction again. Swollen, itchy, and just not right. I went to my exercise class and as we were doing crunch type stuff, I started feeling like I might introduce the class to my breakfast, so I stopped doing the crunch things. After a short while, I still felt like showing my breakfast, so I cut class short, took a shower, and called the doctor from the parking lot. I'm officially allergic. Benadryl, Pepcid, and don't eat them again. I've never had a problem with Campari tomatoes from the store, so they said to wait a couple weeks and try a small bit of one to see how I react. I feel like I have lost a very good friend. Since my 40th birthday (only a year ago, heh heh), I've become allergic to penicillin, certain NSAIDS (everything except ibuprofen), and almost all makeup (except the mineral ones). Long post, but RIP tomato addiction. RIP indeed.

What's a girl to do??? I took the Pepcid the doctor recommended. I didn't take the Benadryl since it's been so many hours. I stopped by the store and picked up some Greek yogurt and had a small serving to tide me over. I don't feel like eating, even after half an exercise class. Bummer. Oh well. Live and learn! Lunch was eaten in pieces - a yogurt, banana, and turkey. It was good, but I really wasn't in the mood for eating.

I feel much better this evening, so did make some fun food for dinner. My neighbor brought blackberries to barter for some sewing, so I tossed them in some chilled coconut milk and fluffed it all up. I have it in the refrigerator for later.
I don't remember where I bought these (their site can locate them for you), but I've been using this bag for a  while. I crush up the chips (Whole30 compliant) and use it as a coating for fish, then lightly fry the fish in ghee and olive oil.  
Tonight, I wanted comfort food, so I made a pot of cauliflower and broccoli. I'll eat on that for a few days. The fish was delicious. It was probably tilapia, but I'm not sure. I froze it without labeling it like a big dummy. I felt good about dinner. 

Reflections: The new-found allergy to tomatoes kind of pisses me off, but there's not a lot I can do about it other than hope that it's specific to these tomatoes. They were picked the day I bought them, so they are as fresh as fresh can be. That means they are high in histamines. I sure thought that cooking them this morning would make a difference, but it did not. I'm growing tomatoes too! I'm growing Roma tomatoes and perhaps they won't be a problem. Keep your green thumbs crossed. 

I felt pretty punky all afternoon. Part of it was just the realization that one of my go-to foods may have become a nonfriend. I did take the Pepcid the doctor said to take, but not the Benadryl as it had been a few hours since the initial reaction by the time I bought it. My throat is feeling better, but not 100% back to normal. A big 'oh well'. 

The good news is that I think of broccoli and cauliflower as comfort food! I've made so many changes that one little setback does not a failure make. I have unlimited options for vegetables and I can use tomato products, if not the fresh guy. Thank goodness I like to cook!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taking a short day off - back to W30 tomorrow

FBS 147, weight down 0.5 pounds.

I had my 3-month followup with Dr. H today. All is extremely well! Blood work is pretty much within normal limits. My hemoglobin A1c is down by 2 points (still a way to go, but huge improvement!). My cholesterol and lipids profile are within normal limits. Dr. H and I talked at length about W30/paleo and that my plan is to keep going on a semi-relaxed W30 way of eating. I told him I have upped my exercise to 4 days a week and he said to keep it there to allow for muscle rest. He also suggested that the residual 'pain' surrounding my knee replacements (bearable and sometimes forgettable) will probably improve. We talked about the eventuality of getting off the last of my three diabetes medications.

I am very pleased. I've worked hard and it looks like I've found what works for me. I never thought I would be able to stick to something as seemingly strict as W30, but the reality is that I feel better from head to toe. I see it as infinite possibilities within given limits. Anyway, behold:

Back tomorrow. Have a great W30/paleo day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whole30 II, Day 8

FBS 162, Weight down 0.6 pounds

I had a weird burning sensation in my throat last night that persists a little this morning. I think it's related to the acid in the tomato and blackberries (?), so will avoid raw tomato today. It's like I swallowed something wrong. It is not a sore throat and I am not sick. Interesting.
I decided to go a bit more bland this morning to give my throat a rest. I sauteed a cut up yellow squash I bought at the vegetable stand yesterday. Pancetta is too good not to eat, so yup, it was there too. The yellow squash is inherently sweet, so I decided to add a touch of super sharp cheddar to the eggs to balance it off. It was about a teaspoon of shredded from The Cheese Shop. 
 The eggs picked up the brown and almost crunchy yellow squash very nicely. 4 caveman thumbs up. No kale today. I'm going to drink a ton of water today and keep my throat cool and my body hydrated. I just so happen to have an appointment with Dr. Hoag tomorrow for my 3-month followup, so if the throat thing persists, I'll ask him to take a look.

Wowsers. I was busted by the cheese police when I posted my breakfast on FB. I know it's not W30 and I know I ate it. I'm "riding my own bicycle" and being 95% true to the W30 way. I'm strict, very strict, but I am also human and like cheese once in a while. It's one of the few things I was able to reintroduce after the first W30. By definition, my breakfast was not W30 approved. I'm moving on.
Lunch is 100% approved. Grass fed beef, hairy corvair (I don't know how to spell the fancy word for skinny green beans), mushrooms, and fire roasted yellow and red peppers, along with garlic and ghee. I cooked the steak just a tad too long, or I'd give it 5 caveman thumbs up. 
Well, they can't all be great, right? I decided to make a pumpkin recipe from a cookbook that I've been drooling over. I halved the recipe, which included almond flour, pumpkin, baking powder, spices, eggs, egg whites, coconut crystals, and a bit of coconut milk. It sounded good. Meh. I had leftover pork loin and some applesauce, and the pumpkin stuff was edible. Because the pumpkin things were not something I'd try again, I'm giving them 2 caveman thumbs up. I'd have been better off with some carrots or something like that. 

Reflections: I'm exhausted today for personal reasons. But I stuck it out and cooked, cleaned, and ate well. My 3-month doctor's appointment is tomorrow and I'm curious about my lab work. I did have that blasted cheese this morning, but I'm still fine with it. Another day tomorrow.