Monday, December 9, 2013

W21 Plan for the day! Recipe: Veggie hash

The plan for today is stick-to-it. That's all.

It's raining, so no walking. I can't get out of an hour of work at 10 a.m., so no pool. That means I'll carve out time to do an exercise DVD. Can't stop me now!

Veggie hash - Shredded celery root, shredded sweet potato, garlic powder (about 1/2 tsp; I shook it on till I thought it was enough), salt and pepper, and ghee (or another healthy fat of your choice, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan) - slow cook in a pan and then when veggies are tender, turn the heat up a bit and brown on both sides. You can do this with any root veggies or not so root veggies if you like. 

I had the hash with a couple fried eggs. I put the eggs on top of the hash after I took the picture. I rounded it all out with the pancetta. I like a lot of pepper on my eggs. The whole meal was amazing and flavorful. 

Organic, unadulterated hot dogs, plantain cakes, and unsweetened organic apple butter. I'm not a big fan of hot dogs, but sometimes, they're pretty good. 

What bugs me with my personal addiction is that when I have something to eat, it stimulates my "MUST EAT ALL THE FOOD" response. I will spend the next half hour or so fighting that demon, but fight I will. I'm a junkie and I have to get to where I don't need my "heroin" as much as I once did. Wonder what normal feels like.

P.S. I survived the above this afternoon.

How about some cod with lemon pepper, leftover sweet potato/cabbage mash, and some broccoli slaw with onion added and sauteed in the pan which I used to cook my husband's steak? How about that, huh? Excellent tastes and textures. 

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