Monday, December 16, 2013

The 8K is over and now it's back to real life

My new knees did me proud. We, my husband, my son (Tom), and I, participated in the Christmas Town 8K Dash yesterday. Months of training, a 3-year-old knee and a 2-year-old knee, lots of family and friend support, and determination made it all possible. Abbey has been my training partner. We walked 2-1/2 miles two or three times a week, and made it to 4 miles once.
At about the 0.1 mark, I stopped and took a picture of the finish line. I was just about in tears with amazement!
And here we are, not too much worse for the wear. 

But back to today. Whew. I'm happy to get back into decent eating. I'm taking a day off from exercise as my older of the two new knees is still a bit on the angry side this morning. It'll be fine tomorrow and back to the pool with me it will be.
A nice scramble of sausage, spinach, and eggs. 

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