Sunday, December 29, 2013

No more wassailing

-1.8 pounds

And to add to a small loss, a delicious breakfast. No more holiday mayhem, not that I had any wassail to begin with. Even the Whitman sampler and Godivas are gone. I had a lot of help this year with the eating. And there was some generous tossing in the trash can. Hope you're doing well with your holiday mayhem!
Simple - eggs, zucchini, and sausage. Mahvelous. 

Lunch! I looked for chicken tenders, but alas, the cupboard is bare on that front. I do have a bunch of beef filets though, and so that's what I had.
Mushrooms, fire roasted peppers, and the other half of my zucchini went really well with the filet. I added some goat cheese to take it over the top and voila, lunch is done. 

I'm feeling it, y'all. I'm back. 
Dinner was amazing. I put a pot roast in the crock pot much earlier today, dumped in a can of tomatoes and a jar of bruscetta sauce and that was that. After lunch, I had some leftovers - mushrooms - so in they went. That cooked all day and then I fried some taters for my husband and warmed up last night's broccoli for me. I ended up mixing it all up on the plate and it was delicious. The spices in the bruscetta and the touch of olive oil made for an interesting taste blend. I'm a big fan of cooked tomatoes, so I am a happy camper. I'll  have leftovers of that for a couple days, though the beef itself is just about gone. There is an apple or a banana for later; I haven't decided yet. 

And there's day 2 of recapturing my paleo spirit and lifestyle. It's not a difficult way to live, but it does take a modicum of planning and some decent foods, not to mention creativity. It could get very boring if I let it, but that's when I mix it up a bit and throw in ingredients that even I was not expecting. I gave two friends mini cans of coconut milk to try today. One said she makes smoothies with a little bit of yogurt and I thought the coconut milk would make a nice substitute for that. The other was just interested. Sharing the wealth!

Tomorrow is a new day and an exercise day to boot. I don't feel as bloated and fat today, though really, not much has changed other than food for 2 days. Monday's fast approaching!

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