Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let's go! Whole21 Day 1

Weighed today and am not happy, but am not going to let it get to me. It's a go on this Whole21.

Sausage bits in eggs along with asparagus sauteed in bacon grease. A good way to start the 21 days. 

I can't say I haven't been tempted today! I took my sister to the airport - Wawa on the left, home of 2-packs of Entenmann's chocolate donuts. Nope. Dropped her off - stores, fast food, all over the damned place. Nope. My plan was to go to Food Lion and get a few things on my list. That I did. Then I came home and made this:
Broccoli slaw (broc stems, carrots, purple cabbage), chicken tenders, and ghee with some seasonings! Wowsers. I'm in love. I had a couple of plantain patties with sweetener-free apple butter on them. Now I stop being famished. Good stuff. 

Cauliflower and sweet potato mash made with ghee and coconut milk, a wonderful hamburger, and a few onions sauteed in the pan. Those three slivers were left over from an onion I cut up for my husband for his burger on a bun. I never did like raw onions, but when I saw those, I grabbed them and tossed them in the pan! I have some fruit for later if I get hungry, but who knows? 

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