Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good days of food and movement

I feel good today. No overstuffed feeling. No bloat feeling. Body feels in balance.

I have to give this a 5 thumbs up for creativity in addition to taste. I have one egg. I have a bit of broccoli slaw. I have frozen plantain cakes and some pancetta. I tossed the broccoli slaw in the pan with the pancetta as it cooked. When the pancetta was almost done, I piled up the broccoli slaw and cracked my one egg on top. At the same time, I warmed up the last of the plantain cakes in the toaster oven. I cooked the egg through and had a really nice fritter. I added apple butter to the plantain cakes (the equivalent of 1 egg and 1/2 plantain) and then plated the whole mess. It was delicious and filling. Lots of flavors. There's never a reason to not have a good breakfast, even when you're scouring the refrigerator shelves looking for just the right blend. I'm ready for water exercise now. Yup, I am. 

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