Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day forever -1

The first step toward wellness and self-care is one you take with eyes wide open and so it begins.

Successfully fried eggs! A little avocado (didn't eat it all), pancetta, and asparagus rounded out the plate. My daughter picked up the pancetta at Whole Foods for me. They never came through with their special order for me that was made in September. After several tries, I was unable to get the order taken care of. She jumped in and made phone calls and a Facebook post, and boom! Free pancetta and coconut milk. She doesn't take no for an answer, that one. 

Lunch is interesting, no? Plantain cakes with apple butter, carrots with ghee, and organic hot dog with relish.  It make take me a few days to get vegetables truly prepped in order to have them with every meal, but I'm getting there! I wish I could say I was super full and didn't want something sweet right now, but that would be a lie. This is the part one has to work through when detoxing from a few weeks of eating the SAD. My mental determination is fully engaged and I'll detox just like anyone else - a wee little bit of  aggravation, but in the long range, I lose nothing; I only gain better health.

My son brought us a pound of farm fresh ground beef. I made burger patties with it tonight. Oh jeepers. That's some good stuff. Deep flavor, perfect texture, and just enough fat to keep it moist. I split a slice of cheese with my daughter and let it melt slowly on the burger (nice spreading out!). I had cooked the fire roasted peppers with the burgers, but added them to the left over carrots from earlier today. I included the other piece of avocado, splitting that with my daughter too, and cooked up a pot of broccoli. If I was still doing thumbs up, this would get a 5. A nice array of foods and tastes. I had a banana and some fruit thingies for a snack and I am done. 

I'll be heading for bed in an hour and will spend my time easing back into a 10 p.m. bedtime. That's as big a goal for me as general health and weight loss. 

My plan for tomorrow includes some exercise, either here, at the pool, or walking at Warhill. I'm looking forward to the movement. Occasional movement here today just hasn't cut it. Plus, I was really tired all day. The fatigue will improve as I continue to move forward too. I feel super fat today. This is temporary. I know that, but I need to feel what I feel so that I can deal with what needs to be addressed.

Obsession is the key for the next week or so, and then routine will kick in again with little effort. I'm in control of my health, not anyone else. What works for me is paleo/primal and close to Whole30 living, not just eating. 

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