Thursday, December 26, 2013

And....we're back. RePaleo Day 1

Weight up 17.4.

The why is easy - overeating, including late night eating, less optimal self-care, lack of sleep, and choice of foods.

The what to do is also easy - get back to my center and end the late night eating.

The how is this - Get back to paleo eating immediately. The holidays are over and there are no socially acceptable excuses and it's on me and only me, as it always has been. So join me for more food porn and accountability. Here I am. Bare to the world.

Here's my planned menu for today - easing away from the holiday foods/leftovers (H).

Breakfast - Bacon, Asparagus, mushrooms, Eggs

Lunch - Pear, Salad, VA ham, Corn bread (H)

Dinner - Turkey, Potatoes (H), Gravy (H), Green beans (H)

Miscellaneous - Pumpkin Pie (H), Godiva (H)

And here is breakfast per the plan:

Gonna hold off on the thumbs up for a while. Enjoy the photos :)

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