Sunday, November 3, 2013

Whole30-II, Let's call this day 4 again

I ate really well yesterday...
...but then had snacks last night. So redo time.
While building dinner in the crock pot, I stole one of the turnips and some of the onions and tossed them in a pan with ghee. I started them browning and took a breather in the other room. I went back to turn the veggies and whoa! They were almost black. Not quite! I drained off the excess ghee and was ready to toss out the turnip/onion mix, but it was just this side of burned. Two eggs and a scramble later, and it turned out to be a really good breakfast. I doubt I would cook them that long again, but the turnip/onion mix was just about perfect.  

Today's goal is to remain squeaky clean. Dinner is cooking and I hear a smoothie calling my name for lunch. A little kale and an organic hot dog, and lunch is planned.
Lunch was pretty gross. Coconut milk, peaches, and kale, whirled in the Magic Bullet and poured over ice. Ick. The kale would have been okay if it had been incorporated into the smoothie and the ice cubes were just plain dumb. Lesson learned. I'll have to rethink this mess. 

The crock pot did its job - turkey, carrots, onions, celery, turnips for me and potatoes for the mister, poultry seasoning, a couple bay leaves, and some pepper, along with some W30 compliant chicken broth. The turkey wasn't dry at all, which was nice. I don't have very good luck with turkey. The meal was not magnificent, but it sure was better than lunch!  

Reflections: I work late tonight, so there is danger in the air. I am aware of it and will not give in. I have a fruit snack planned about halfway through the work schedule. I really need to get to bed earlier in order to sleep enough and to help bolster resolve when I'm awake. I'm not weak when I'm rested. My mistake. I didn't mean to work this late. I'll see if I can give an hour away, but I suspect I'll be up till midnight. Fingers crossed.

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