Monday, November 18, 2013

Addicted to sugar

Sugar is a sneaky little mistress. I know for a fact that the more I have, the more I want. That sweetness is what I believe I crave. I had two meals yesterday and that's a good thing; my son came by to make cookies and my husband and I were the designated quality control specialists. I don't think I did overall damage to my resolve, but I did wake up feeling a bit bloated and wanting more. It's funny how furtive certain foods can be, that they can speak to you from the figurative grave, and that I/we give in with the knowledge that it is not the right thing to do for my/our body. Onward to a sugar-free day. I say that now, but I do have a dinner at the police department tonight for our forensics academy graduation. I know there will be sweets. Will I be able to resist the desserts?

Tom did not eat dinner with us, so his small filet was available for me to have for breakfast with some lovely asparagus. It was all cooked in ghee and my tummy is very, very happy this morning! It's my first 5 meal in a while. Beef. That's what's for breakfast.  

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