Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whole7, Day whatever - who is keeping track?

FBS 175, weight down 1.6

Self-care. That's something I tend to let go (I changed the word "we" to "I" in that opening) when I'm not on target with other parts of my life. Simple things - eye drops every single night, brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing face, taking meds on time, movement on non-exercise days - you know, those things we do every single day. They take on a new degree of difficulty to perform for me. And that difficulty is 100% tied to how I eat and how I feel as a result. When I take care of one side of the self-care equation, I take care of the other side. I give myself a little talking to each evening about self-care and food choices, and every morning, I start anew. And guess what? My teeth are clean, I don't forget my eye drops, my hair's still a mess most of the time, but the rest of my items, well, I'm on top of them. Do not forget self-care when you're working your paleo lifestyle. It's as important as what you eat. It's a Zen component. Doing that which you can do to the best of your ability.

Speaking of self-care, I'm learning how to review food inventory and plan accordingly. I'm on a new pay schedule and have a tough time not running to the store whenever I want to. I have to give it a good thought before I shop and before I cook. And for that reason, we have asparagus this morning that was cooked with the pancetta (one piece for the dog!). Asparagus are now gone until next time. I tend to buy a large bunch and use it in two meals. I'm a tip eater; no stalks for me! What a waste, huh? Naw. Anyway, breakfast was great. I have planned ahead for lunch and dinner today. A big key to success!

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