Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole30 II, day 2.1

Ah, breakfast. Is there anything you can't do? I sauteed zucchini in ghee while I broke up a leftover sausage patty into the silicone tin liners, then tossed the zucchini in along with two whirled eggs to top it off. At the last minute, I added some shakes of Parma, a nutritional yeast vegan product, that tastes like Parmesan cheese. Pretty amazing, to tell the truth.  
What is Parma? I have no affiliation with Parma, but am leaving the link in case anyone wants to look into it. I happened on it and also bought the garlic one. I haven't tried that yet.  
Nice little snack. Cashew butter and celery. I have a whole lot of celery right now, so I want to make sure it gets eaten. 

About as good as it gets. Dinner from last night all over again. I got all the leftover onions this time and they were so derned good.  

Ooopsie. I forgot a picture of dinner. I put some Brussel sprouts in a pan with bacon grease (from compliant bacon!) and added a few chicken tenders. I browned all of that and then added a touch of water, covered the pan, and steamed cooked it until the sprouts were done. I have leftovers for lunch today, so will photograph that to make you drool.

Reflections: Monday is forensics class night. There are always cookies and I did have a few. Maybe I'll take snacks next week and make it fruit/veggies! Onward...keep it together.

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