Friday, October 25, 2013

Whole30 II - day 2

A green breakfast for day 2! Leftovers make for a great meal, don't they? This is last night's sausage crumbled in the bottom of the silicone muffin tin, a large spoonful of left over broccoli and cauliflower mash, and an egg/kale mix poured in. I baked at 350° for 20 minutes and voila. Love me some breakfast. 

The plan for day 2 is ready to rock and roll. Yay for following the right track. You're gonna hear me roar!

Compliant organic hot dogs, plantain/egg patties, leftover carrots and celery root, and some compliant horseradish mustard. It was okay. Not great. I had worked in the yard for 45 minutes blowing leaves, so I was really hungry. Shoe leather would have been good. I have had some dehydrated pear and apple. 

I'm not hungry today. I know that has nothing to do with Whole30. Who knows why it comes and goes like that. I am thinking about sweets at the 7-11, but have no intention to buy any. I have some celery here and am thinking that would be good later with either cashew butter or apple butter. I still have an English cucumber for snacking as well. I'm feeling good about day 2. I wonder if the Whole30 timeline will apply this time around? 

Almost forgot to take the picture! Hamburger, mushrooms, and broc/caul mash. Yum.

Reflections: It has been a great W30 day. I am indeed having big time sugary junk food urges, but have resisted and will not cave. I raked about a half hour or more after the leaf blowing earlier, so I feel like I got good exercise today. I also got some crafting done. Today is my 37th wedding anniversary and it feels good having come this far. It's amazing that we married the second time after a 4-year divorce. Like Richard likes to day, we could have both been too hard headed to give it a go, but we did, and here we are. Onward to day 3!

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