Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whole30 II - Day 1

Yesterday, my doctor said to do it again, so here we go!

I tried something new with the kale. Rather than put it in the Magic Bullet with the eggs, I shredded it by hand and added it to the zucchini in the pan with the pancetta. The zucchini cooks down to almost a hash brown, but the kale ended up sort of chip-like. It was pretty good. I'll try it again for sure. Overall, a dandy breakfast. Abbey got some of the pancetta, as always. She loves it.  

Tried a new food today. Celery root. I do believe I've discovered another winner! I let it simmer while I went outside and walked (16 laps/33 minutes), and when I came in, I added some carrots after draining them both, sauteed the chicken in ghee and spices, sliced up a half apple and added cinnamon. Wow! Celery root will be in my refrigerator from now on. It was delicious. It had a hint of celery taste and with the carrot, it was great. I added carrot because I know I like celery, carrots, and onions together. Oh yeah, the chicken and apple were great too :)

Next to the last package of farm fresh sausage. I see a trip to the farmers market in my future, very, very soon. I also sauteed cabbage, onions, and a Japanese sweet potato in farm fresh bacon grease, added some garlic salt and Parma (nutritional yeast blend). It was soooooo good. Organic applesauce (unsweetened) rounded it out very nicely. 

Reflections: Day 1 of my second true Whole30 is over. I'm sated, I'm happy, and I'm proud. Moving on.

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