Sunday, October 6, 2013

There is no diet, there is only paleo lifestyle

FBS 162. See what eating right does? That's good stuff.

No more introspection for a few days. I'm on target with my thought processes and it's time to live.

A couple of thoughts about dairy. I know that the jury is out on dairy, but my rationalization for a bit of cheese is this - I eat the byproduct of a chicken in the form of eggs often. I also eat chicken often. I eat beef often. I believe that eating the byproduct of a cow is also acceptable. I know that many humans cannot tolerate dairy from cows, but it appears that I can. It's another source of protein and can be purchased in high quality forms without the processing that a slice of American cheese goes through. We're not talking cheese food here. We're talking unadulterated cheese. The longer it is aged, the more bold the flavor becomes, so a smaller quantity is needed for the taste effect. I'm okay with this. I don't drink milk or eat ice cream or butter. I do, though ingest ghee, beef, and cheese. That's my rationale and I'm sticking to it. My goals and progress through life will not be shed because of a bit of cheese here and there.

 I bought some pretty plates at a yard sale yesterday. This one was the perfect vehicle for a half patty of sausage, a half zucchini, and two eggs. I added a smidgen of cheese too. A good way to start a Sunday. 

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