Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tenacious Tuesday

I tossed out a quickie challenge to the Post 30 Paleo Facebook group. Let's make this an amazing Tuesday. So here I go.

I got out and walked for a half-hour in the back yard. It's beautiful outside and there was no reason not to get outside. Abbey enjoyed running around the yard while I did my thing.

Second day in a row of a pretty much perfect breakfast. A little sea salt on the asparagus makes them a 5 in taste.  

I had a small snack of pears and am looking forward to lunch later. I will be working several hours today and need to make sure I get up and move around as often as possible.

Lunch was a disaster. I was going to make tuna to go with plantain crackers. I dropped the jar of relish and it basically exploded on the tile. Shards got into the tuna. Grumble. I cut up an apple and had cheese with it. Not 100% paleo, but close enough.

Good, but not great. Lacked seasoning. Beef, onions, broc, garlic powder, adopo pepper, paprika, and beef broth. It was better after adding salt in the bowl. I had some orange jelly candy after. Argh. Definitely not paleo.  

Reflections: I caved and ate a few candies. I got pissed at lunch and ate cheese. I did exercise. I did have completely compliant breakfast and lunch. I will aim for a W30 day tomorrow. 

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