Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taking Control Tuesday - Paleo Away!

Dang, got side tracked. Where have I been??? In the spirit of....
...it's Tuesday. Today's the day we take it back. Getting my arse in gear is what it's all about. My next personal life event is Thanksgiving, and between now and then, I'm going to keep it tight whenever possible.
Pancetta, mushrooms, eggs, and butterflies. A great way to start the day. Protein and vegetable and fat. I'm in! 

My lunch was a plantain experiment. I have made plantain pancakes and crackers in the past (check the tag cloud for the word "recipe" to see). I've read that the greener ones are not as sweet, so I bought one. It was a bear to peel as opposed to the riper and darker ones, but one plantain and 2 eggs along with salt and pepper fit in the Magic Bullet large cup just fine once I got it down to where I could cut it into pieces.

I put some ghee on a flat pan and let that melt, added enough batter for 4 pancakes, and cooked them through. I did not reapply the ghee for the second set of 4, and they cooked just fine without it. 

 Experiment success! I tried one warm with a slice of ham and it was very good. It had a light taste that did not conflict with the ham flavor. The texture was like a pancake, but not as light and fluffy. It folded over without breaking, very pliable. If you wanted to roll them, I would suggest adding some coconut milk to make the batter thinner. 

They were not sweet, so that makes them a good vehicle for egg salad, tuna salad, or even organic unsweetened apple butter. I tried a second one with raw honey and cinnamon and it was great. 

. I'm going to freeze the rest and toss them in the toaster or toaster oven before I use them. I don't know the non-frozen shelf life of something like this. I also believe and suggest to others that they need to be eaten sparingly as it could quickly become a daily substitute for bread. 

I can see these tossed with a bit of garlic powder and butter in a pan. I will definitely make these again. 

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