Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paleo Paleo Paleo

Okay, I sort of titled this entry as a bit of a personal protest. I designed a tee shirt with my daughter for the Facebook group which shall go unnamed for fear of being slapped with a cease and desist. The words "paleo lifestlye" are on the shirt and the tee shirt company took it down because the word "paleo" is protected. Someone purchased the intellectual property rights for $275. Amazing, huh? Careful how you use those words, people. There might be someone out there who owns them. Paleo, Inc., now wants to make the tee with the word "Paleo" and a registered (R with a circle around it) included. I'm not sure it's going to fly. I may just step back and use the graphic without the words on another tee. More to come.

It's a green egg day. I heard that yesterday was kale eating day or something like that, and it reminded me that there was kale in the refrigerator. Yahoo! I love kale and eggs whirled in the Magic Bullet. I picked up fresh vegetables yesterday, so I also have asparagus on hand. They don't last long in my refrigerator. I will eat the other batch tomorrow. Poof, gone. I'm not sure why I didn't rate this a 5, but I didn't. Breakfast rules.  

I had a blood sugar low after blowing leaves today. So very odd, but signs of good things, really. My eating is doing the job and this may portend getting off medication altogether sooner rather than later. I drank up some apple juice, finished making my lunch, and was fine in short order.
And an egg salad with plantain cracker lunch it was. I didn't finish the crackers. I had a half apple with cinnamon after.  

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  1. Snap off the ends of your asparagus and plunk them in a glass of water when you store in your fridge. They will keep forever... well, at least a couple of weeks.