Friday, October 4, 2013

Making deals with myself

Lordie, I need to rethink a few things. There are certain foods that are off limits for a lot of reasons, but I want, for my own self, to settle on what those reasons are. Am I eating paleo for personal, health, theoretical, evolutionary, or taste reasons? Or maybe all? Will I learn to look at a candy bar or a Twinkie and see poison? And if I see that poison, will I learn to say "no thank you" because I mean it? I believe so. I listed my reasons for eating paleo recently and need to review them often. I need this to become habit and not even a smidgen of doubt. I believe this is the time in my life when I need to draw a line and follow it. I need to shoot for 100%. It doesn't make me weird or different. It does make me healthier, more cognizant of the world at large, and more motivated to improve and stay improved. There is magic. I've found it.

Heading into what could be an amazing day, I decided to go simple. No mixing of this and that, just appreciating each food for what it is. There is some cheese in the eggs this morning. Wonderful breakfast and an excellent mindset today. Let the introspection continue. 
I got a 2.33-mile walk in today. The dog was worn slam out. I wasn't terribly hungry when I got home, so I made a cold plate (yes, with cheese!). 
Honey Crisp apple. Organic salami. Cheese stick. Just what the doctor ordered. I need to get a good piece of cheese from the Cheese Shop, though. 

Dinner was a different story. Corned beef, cabbage, rutabaga, onions, and carrots. Oh my goodness. The rutabaga took on the taste of the juice and other vegetables. The corned beef was just the right texture. Thankfully, I have half of the whole meal left and another piece of corned beef in the freezer! I cooked this in the crock pot yesterday and warmed it up tonight. It was so very good. I will make this again and again. If you did not know that was a rutabaga, you'd think it was a potato. For real. 

Reflections:  I made deals with myself today that I kept. I spent the morning in a sort of pensive state, just thinking about things, wondering how to meet my daily goals, etc. I did go for a long walk and the dog and I had a great time in the 80° sunshine. She was a little overheated, so I'll get a dog water bottle/bowl thing before we go again (hopefully Sunday). I had a nice snack of peaches and banana tonight with some coconut cream in the mix. I'm not hungry. I feel good. I will go to bed early and finish my book. A good day. 

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