Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good day ahead! Paleo is my way to go. No doubt about it

FBS 187

I wanted to try something new this morning, so I cooked the zucchini before I added it to the eggs.
I absolutely prefer it pan fried with the bacon or pancetta. The cooking in water just made it lose taste and it didn't seem as fresh. Lesson learned. I wanted to try it and I did. Weekends, I make regular bacon because there's also enough for my husband. He sleeps in on Saturdays and I like him to wake up to something easy to eat. He'll have a bacon sammich!

This should have been really good, but it was just meh. Pineapple, banana, salami, and a sprinkle of parm. It's mediocre food day so far!

Dinner made up for the meh food earlier in the day. I cooked mushrooms with burgers and after taking my husband's out, I added wine and cooked that down. Oh my, it was good!

Reflections: I'm jonesing for junk food some kind of bad. It's going to take everything I have to not give in and get something. My plan is to have one of my apples if I simply cave. I'm full. I am sated. I do not need anything else. In order to continue in the healthful manner I have discovered, I need to quit battling myself and enjoy life. The subject line says "paleo is my way to go." I've hit a roadblock of sorts where I'm acting like a person trying to lose weight and not one who has made a decision to improve health and truly change. I've got this, but I need to express it to myself once in a while to get it out of my head. This is not a diet. It's part of how I live. A decision I've made. A commitment to myself. 

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