Friday, October 11, 2013

Fantastic Friday

FBS 189

I totally went off track last night and then paid for it royally. I got sort of sick at my friend's house. I just had stuff in my throat. The evildoers were pizza and banana pudding. I don't know which one of them bit back, but it was not a good feeling. My revelation and takeaway is that this lifestyle is not about losing weight; it's about feeling good and being healthy and not being awakened at 4 a.m. with a throat full of ick. A new day begins. I wonder if I need to rethink my choices on Thursdays while playing cards. I keep thinking I can handle it and it's obvious I can't. Back to Whole30 thinking for Thursdays. that's probably the best bet all the way around.
I wasn't able to consider eating until 10ish this morning. First I needed to get outside and walk around for a while, move the ick out of my body. So, when I did get around to cooking, I went for what I know works. Zucchini sauteed with the pancetta, then two eggs and a touch of cheddar to bring it all together. Abbey got one of the pieces of pancetta. She loves having breakfast with me. I still have peanut butter cups on the table in the fruit bowl with fruit. I will absolutely avoid those today.  

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