Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole7 moving forward!

So here's the plan. Spiral cut some zucchini and sweet potato and crisp them up in the toaster oven. Wah wah. Didn't work. They're cooked, but kind of mushy. So what to do?

After the pancetta was done in a pan, I put the vegetables in and stirred them around, then added a couple eggs. Unfortunately, breakfast is pretty much the same color as the plate, so it doesn't pop, but trust me, it was delicious! 

Sweet potato day! I spiraled the other half of the sweet potato, added some green beans, and cooked them in the same pan with a small steak. The steak wasn't as rare as I like it, but overall, it was a good lunch. I think the key with sweet potatoes is to let them absorb flavors of foods I do like. I'd really like to enjoy them on their own, but I just don't. They're so derned good for you! I'm out of frozen green beans now. Need more! 

The world is good. Chicken sausage, horseradish mustard, and a broccoli mash with 3 tiny leftover new potatoes and ghee. The horseradish is not super prominent in the mustard, but there's enough of it to give it a little zing. Chicken sausage is pretty blah, so it needs a strong accompaniment. Overall, not bad, I say.

Reflections: I've had a good food day. A real food day. Vegetables galore and high quality proteins. I have a peaches and coconut cream snack planned in case I really want something later. I'm still battling nighttime eating demons, but I can take them. I know I can. I started a piece called Beyond Crossfit. It's just a reminder that there are other exercise options for people who follow a paleo/Whole30 diet/lifestyle. It is not a slam on any exercise or fitness program. I'll share it when I'm finished. It's intended to go to Paleo Magazine when it's done. A friend of mine is also sticking close to Whole30 right now and we're holding each other up on Facebook. I shared this with her today: 

And, I totally mean it. When I invoke the power of Si, I'm serious.

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