Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whole30, day 3, second time around

FBS 148, weight down a pound

Great breakfast. Asparagus and the last of my patty pan squash sauteed with chopped prosciutto. Add a couple of fried eggs and you have a wonderful meal. It was a touch salty, but other than that, close to perfect!  
I feel a good day coming on. I will be going to Robin's tonight to play cards and it could be a trigger to go berserk with foods. I'm committed to this W30 and that's that. I have pineapple and sparkling water to take with me. I have exercise at 10 and then work things and life to do. I have my lunch planned and believe I have dinner planned too. If you're working a W30, know that we're worth this effort. It's not difficult. We have limits and infinite points of possibility within those limits. Keep in mind what you can do and not that which you feel you can't. W30 is a reset. I suspect I'll do this more than once a year because it's such a successful reset. Moving on!

Okay, side bar - just saw an amazing video - Tissues. Get them. Then go watch Mandisa's video - Overcomer, which premiered on Good Morning America. Beautiful. 
Oh, pork, I will miss you. This is the final leftover dish and I had it for lunch. The cabbage goopy stuff was amazing and I can't wait to try it again with more cabbage next time. Applesauce and some organic fruit rope, and I'm done till cards. 
I went to Walmart to pick up something today and there were sweet things all over the place calling my name. A ignored them and bought 2 pair of jeans instead, 4 sizes smaller than the last pair I bought. Screw you Entennman's Mini Cinnamon Doughnuts!
I got these ready for baking to take to Robin's and took a container of pineapple chunks. Well, we never cooked the asparagus. She and her brother ate them raw. The pineapple went quickly! There was a DDP in her frig, so I drank that and had a handful of snack size plain Hershey's chocolate. I'm wiping today off the map. Day 3 again tomorrow. 

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