Friday, September 6, 2013

Whole30 Day 3 again, restartish

FBS 249!!!
I had fiber bars when I got home from cards and then went to bed. I know where that blood sugar came from and it's unacceptable. So, we're going to scratch day 3 and begin it again.
Two whrled eggs, 4 little tomatoes, and 1 piece of leftover sausage. I layered them in silicone pans and baked 20ish minutes. They were really good, but needed a little something green. I'm thinking green onions or chives would have done the trick. I wanted simple this morning and there you have it. I'm shocked about my blood sugar and that's from a small indiscretion. I sort of know better and there's the proof. The numbers do not lie. If I'm doing this for health and diabetes, then that's just plain stupid. Clean all day and then fiber bars. At Robin's, it was pineapple and a diet soda (also off limits), but not so bad. I should go back to day 1, but I'm keeping it at day 3 and pretending like yesterday didn't happen. So sue me. 

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