Monday, September 9, 2013

Whole30, Day 2

Weight steady. No FBS.

Very simple today. I sauteed the asparagus with the cooking pancetta, then added 2 eggs to the greens, taking the pancetta out to drain. It was a very nice way to wake up my taste buds and stop my stomach from growling!
Steak, mushrooms, and carrots - danged yummy. Finished off with fresh pineapple makes for an amazing, 5 thumbs up meal. 
Looks good, doesn't it? It wasn't all that. The shrimp were kind of bland and the lettuce fit right with that description. I had an apple after with some cashews. The cashews were the star of the show. I've made shrimp scampi many times and it's been great. I just wasn't impressed this time. 

Reflections: Two down and 28 to go and then life to go beyond that. I'm feeling pretty good about this Whole30. I really wanted a chocolate thing from Pizza Hut; they were in the refrigerator calling my name. Instead, I peeled a banana and sprinkled cocoa on it. It was really good! It wasn't a huge cocoa taste, rather more of an essence. It was just what I needed. I mentioned to Richard tonight that I stick by the Whole30/paleo way, but I also keep in mind the Weight Watchers comment, "You don't get fat eating fruits and vegetables," and am trying to choose accordingly. A good day. Here's to many more. 

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