Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Whole30, Day 2

FBS 144, weight back down.

This is how I cook my veggies for addition to eggs. I cut up whatever I'm in the mood for, then let them cook slowly with the pancetta. Today, it was a patty pan squash and mushrooms. I added the kale to the eggs and whirled them until blended in the Magic Bullet. 
Unfortunately, too much kale! Usually, I use a little less, but today, it was overwhelming. I ate what I could of the veggie laden bites of egg, but the rest of the eggs, I just couldn't do it. It's good, just too much. Lesson learned!  
Lunch was fragmented. I got up at 4:30 today and was very hungry early, early, early. I had some fruit rope (organic and compliant) and salami. A few hours later, I had the following:
Strawberries almost past their prime. a banana almost past its prime, and some coconut milk left over that was almost past its prime. It was very good! I had to toss about 5 strawberries, but that's better than the half container I had left over. I read something just this morning about coconut milk and fruit, and it reminded me I had both in the frig. I'll double up on vegetables for dinner.  
You may call it kind of gross looking, but I call it delicious. Leftover pork from last night along with mashed sweet potatoes. I used ghee and coconut milk, along with S&P, and then mashed with the hand blender. The sweet potatoes were actually good! The brown gook on top of the pork and the potatoes is onions, cabbage, garlic, caraway, and the pork broth all blended together last night. It cooked down a little thicker tonight; last night it was like a soup. I have just enough of the pork and gook to have for lunch tomorrow along with some asparagus.  
I did have a snack tonight of peaches and coconut cream. Very good!

Reflections: Another good day of Whole30ing. I'm determined to get through this 30 days. I have plans beyond that which include our 41st anniversary dinner on the 25th of October. We decided to stop counting the years we were not married and just go with 1972. I'm down with that!

Day 3 coming up.

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