Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whole30 Day 1, not looking back

FBS 205

Self care. Embrace it.

Good food, cooked slowly. Pancetta, zucchini, and eggs blended with Roma tomatoes. If I felt well, it would have been a 5. As it is, I made myself eat.  

Why do I feel poorly? I ordered pizza last night. And though I didn't go crazy overboard, I am full even now to the middle of my throat. I've been sniffling and sneezing much of the morning. I believe all of this is a reaction to eating the grains and abundance of cheese and probably sugar. I also believe that pizza is not a good choice for me under any circumstances. I will drink plenty of water and get exercise today. Perhaps that will help. I did exercise yesterday, but it didn't offset the damage I was about to do to my body with food. This will improve and the memory will fade. It's a day to improve self care and become aware of what these foods do to me, keep it foremost in my thoughts for a few days. I'm very uncomfortable right now and that's an important thing to remember. 

This is dinner. It's a rerun of what I had for lunch - chicken breast baked with BBQ seasoning, sweet potato, and for dinner, I added ghee and onions and some other seasonings. Sweet potatoes are just not my thing. I'll keep trying during any W30 I do, but after W30, I'm done with them :) 

Reflections: I had a good day. I ate well, I exercised in Lightfoot on the Warhill HS road. I'm not sure the distance, but it was about 40 minutes and I worked up an amazing sweat. I stocked up on veggies and headed home for work and television. Now to figure out how to integrate RunKeeper with Gym-Pact!

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