Monday, September 2, 2013

Whole whatever, in progress, or really paleo ongoing

FBS 184! Was it the honey with my apple last night?

Looks like Dexter fixed my breakfast, huh? I chopped up some bacon and zucchini and let that cook until the bacon was about done, then added two eggs. I do allow myself ketchup from time to time, but this was the bottom of the bottle and it got kind of squirty! Wonder what a splatter analyst would say. It was good, but I think I like bacon/pancetta on the side rather than in the eggs. Other than that, it was almost a 5.  
I had one of these for snack. They're okay, nothing special. I eat breakfast so early and get hungry for lunch, but I don't want to have breakfast too early. 

Lunch was a duality - really good and meh.
The egg salad was to die for. I had to ask Richard to go out for more eggs! I boiled up most of what I had. If he goes to the store, he walks in, gets what he came for, and leaves. If I go to the store, I walk all the aisles and spend $50 every derned time. Since I shopped yesterday, it was fiscally responsible to have him do it... right? Anyway, I'm used to the organic and pretty compliant mayo from Whole Foods, and my spice blend is always da bomb, so there are no complaints about the egg salad. Using an English cucumber as the carrier was not so great. This cucumber is good, but not as flavorful as the regular ones. I think if I had used a more flavorful one sliced into layers, it would have been better. I'll save the other part of this cuke to have with salt and pepper as a snack instead of a 'bread' for egg salad or tuna. I need to learn how to make some decent paleo tortilla/crepes! So, if the cuke had been good, this lunch would get a 5. In fact, the egg salad does, but the cuke dragged the combo down to a 3.5. 
Dinner made up for the meh lunch. I was stumped as to what to make, so grabbed some filets I had from Whole Foods, added haricot vert from the freezer and fresh mushrooms. Yum. Horseradish was a great accompaniment. I will have to do this again. The steak was a touch overdone (I like it pretty rare), but other than that, another great meal. 

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