Monday, September 16, 2013

Plantain crackers - Recipe/How-To

I have been looking for a decent cracker or bread to have with egg salad. I know, that's pretty specific, but I might have found it. I made these plantain crackers tonight. They come to us from The Paleo Mom, and have two basic ingredients - plantains and coconut oil. They're seasoned with salt, but I imagine you could use a variety of spices and flavors for something a little different. I can see garlic or onion powder or both, caraway seeds, all sorts of stuff.

My daughter brought me two plantains. I think they were just about the right level of ripeness for the crackers.

First, I made the plantain and coconut oil mix. I melted the coconut oil and put it along with two blacked plantains in the blender. Per the instructions, I spread the mix on parchment paper:

Paleo Mom was right. It does look like hummus. This was perhaps the hardest part, getting it even. I used a spatula. I think I would work this step a little more precisely next time.

The recipe instructs you to take the crackers out of the oven after about 10 minutes and score them, so there you have it, scored crackers-to-be.

And there you have it. A parchment paper sheet full of crackers cooling as we speak. I had one of the outer brown ones and it was a bit brown tasting, but the basic flavor was good. I could get very excited about this!

Thank you, Paleo Mom!

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