Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Okay, let's go - Whole30, Day 1

Weight up a touch. Still holding steady. I'm ready to lose a few.

Breakfast was pretty good. I put my ketchup away and whirled the almost-last of the Romas with the eggs in the Magic Bullet before pouring the blend on the cooked patty pan squash. I had sauteed the squash with the pancetta. This is not the pancetta I like at all. It's okay, but it's more like bacon than the other brand. I will be buying the W30 compliant brand from now on. I still have some in the freezer, thankfully. The avocado was a bit over ripe and didn't taste right, so I didn't eat much of it. My bad. It's a sin to let them go bad! 

Why begin Whole30 now? I feel like I'm on the cusp of losing it. I've been having a little of this and a little of that, and am wanting more. Whether it be orange jelly candies or mini vanilla wafers, I need to have none, not one, not two, not three - none. I did okay through June with being on my own; I was seriously working on reintroduction. In July, I went out of town and threw caution not only to the wind, but to the moon and stars. In August, I did a Whole7ish, declared a Whole30 and didn't stick with it, and have floundered around trying to find my center. During August, also, my son and a friend of mine worked their first Whole30 with great success, as did I in May. 

I believe I need to address this right now before it goes too far. "It." Notice how I called my personal responsibility "it." I've been reading everything I can, both positive and negative, about paleo eating. Depending on what you read, you can be heavily influenced by either side or both! More importantly, my personal script is that my body works better without grains, legumes, and sweets. I don't believe that occasional dairy or cheese are damaging to me, but they hold many calories and provide little benefit, so they're out for 30 days. 

I also need to decide what's important to me. I've mentioned recently that I'm growing tired of being "that lady who lost weight." I know that people will be accustomed to me as I am as I have, but I truly want to be just me and not draw that attention. I'm no longer inclined to take a compliment and turn it into a negative, binge starting, mayhem producing phrase. I say thanks and move on. But there's more to me than weight loss.

Diana Nyad made the swim after so many attempts. August is behind me and the many attempts I made to bring myself in line are also behind me. If Diana can do it, so can I. Dallas Hartwig said, "Don't tell me this is hard!" and he's right. It's 30 days. It's food. It's the good life.  

Egg salad success! I bought some hydroponic lettuce that is sort of like cups. What a great vehicle for the egg salad. Look at all that paprika! I have 2 Greek yogurts in the frig and though I am doing a Whole30 and it's black and white, I'm going to be grey until they are gone; I won't waste them. I'll have them on exercise days, like today, until they're gone. No one else here eats yogurt. And, I won't feel like I have to start over, obsess, or be guilty about it.  
Oh gosh, y'all. No picture for dinner, but trust me, it was a 5.

This is what went in the crock pot: Pork roast, fresh garlic, a bunch of onion chopped up, mini potatoes, a half bag of shredded cabbage, S&P, and caraway seeds. It smelled so good all day! I swear, my mom could have cooked this roast. I fed Richard the taters and then used the hand blender on the rest of the stuff in the pot after I took the roast out. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. 

Reflections: It has been a good day. A lot of the members of my exercise class protested a change that was  proposed, and they backed off. They being the administration which had made a really crappy decision in terms of changing class time. I had good food today and plan on 29 more of those days. Go me!

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  1. Diana also said.. learn to never, EVER quit. :) Go get it girl!