Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 7

Weight up 2, FBS 194

I'm not doing so well on this challenge. I had 2 leftover doughnuts this morning. I later had eggs and cauliflower, shown below. I've had a couple days of tired, cranky, and maybe hormonal chit, including tossing the blankets off at night. I didn't do that last night, so maybe this phase is over. It's Thursday, but that doesn't give me free reign to go totally off road. I'm making a personal promise to myself to keep it together for the rest of the day.
I added about 1/3 slice of cheese to the eggs. Abbey got the rest of the cheese. The cauliflower/sweet potato mash was really good again this morning. I have a bunch of it left, so I suspect I'll have that with leftover chicken for lunch. I like cauliflower not mashed too, but daggumit, it's good mashed! There's organic ketchup under the eggs. Full disclosure! Now to work off the doughnuts. They need to get out of my body. 

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