Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 6

FBS 197
A different brand of pancetta that was okay, but not great. Abbey liked it. I share with her when I have cooked more than 2. Hey, a German shepherd's gotta eat! I'm about done with the eggs my friend gave me. I suck. I'm so paranoid I'm going to find a chicken inside! I'll stick with my organic eggs. The asparagus were perfect.  

Lunch was a repeat of last night's dinner with the addition of a banana. I later had a half apple for a snack. I've been "hungry" today for some reason. Go figure. 

Dinner was almost amazing. I cooked 1-1/2 sweet potatoes with a head of cauliflower, then mashed that with ghee and coconut milk. With that, a free range chicken breast that was baked after seasoning. Just a touch short of amazing, but oh so good. 

Reflections: The post W30 paleo group on Facebook wants to do tees with "don't stop starting" on them. I'd so wear one! Food today was good, but I'm half cranky and half tired. I need tomorrow's exercise day. I did a bit of stretching today, but it's not as satisfying as moving. I almost took the dog for a walk and kind of wish I had. Today is my mother's and my youngest sister's birthday. I recall my mother fondly and wish my sister all the best. Another day of the challenge down and I'm pretty on target. 

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