Monday, September 23, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 4

Egg muffin day! Sauteed some ham cubes with asparagus, then added eggs that had been whirled with some salsa. 
What is a salsa egg without avocado? I mean, it would be a sin not to go all out. I made 8 out of the 3 eggs and fixins, so I have breakfast ready for tomorrow and the other half of the avocado.  
Hooray! Honey Crisp apples are back. I bought three yesterday. They were a tad expensive, but they're huge, so it's half-apple per sitting. I warmed up the leftovers from the last few days - mashed rutabaga/turnip and pork loin with a ton of onions and garlic. I'll be a burpie mess, but who cares? Lunch was amazing. The apple was amazing. The veggies were amazing. Yeah, the pork was almost amazing or the lunch would get a 5! 

Looks gross, but it was good. That's broccoli with a half sweet potato mashed with ghee and coconut milk. Too much salt, though. The meatloaf sort of fell apart. It's a blend of ground beef and fresh sausage. Not my best effort, but pretty good. Overall, it's still a 4, even though there were a few things wrong with the meal. The overall tastes were very good.  

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