Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 3

Ooops, skipped a day of the challenge.

Breakfast went fast! I made a bunch of bacon for me and my husband and sort of ate mine before I could take a picture. But I did take a picture of this:
A little bowl of pineapple. Exciting, huh? On track and feeling great.

I bought some Tessemae's recently and was hoping that Zesty Ranch would provide some variety in taste. After buying some salads today, it was time to try it. 

I added extra ham, but that was a mistake. I took most of it back out. The dressing, though, was good! I was so hungry, though, that a mud dressing would have been good. It was not strongly vinegary and the spices they used are interesting. It's not ranch dressing, but it's also not balsamic, and I needed a change. Now I have choices. I'm not going to make my own, so I'm glad to find one I like.  
Boffo! Socko! Yep, I win Chopped again tonight. A simple burger elevated by its sides - mashed turnip/rutabaga along with mushrooms that were sauteed with the burger. Nuff said.

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