Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 1

FBS 241 - no big surprise. Day of debauchery yesterday. I also joined the MDA 21-day challenge and today is the start of that. It's a strict paleo challenge, including exercise, getting outside, playing, and sleep. Full life challenge.

Today is the day I tried zucchini fritters. Here's the zucchini, onions, and eggs. I added salt and pepper and let the blend sit for a little bit before popping it in the pan.  
I have been hearing about duck fat, so I bought some. I figured this was a good time to try it out. I fried the fritters until done on both sides, then let them sit to cook through.  
Now it's time to get in my belly! Guess what? I like my regular zucchini and eggs better. I prefer the zucchini cooked down a bit before its mixed with the eggs. I wouldn't have missed trying the fritters, though! They look amazing. I'll stick with leftover vegetables or ones I cook specifically for an egg dish. No regrets! But I can't give it a 5. 

With a rumbly tumbly all day and just an icky all over feeling, I was not into lunch. I had some organic salami left and had some of that with the plantain crackers. I have a pork dinner planned, but I'm waiting for my invisible chef to prepare it! 
A friend came for dinner and cards. I made her a pork loin, cooked apples, and a mash of rutabaga and turnips (coconut milk and ghee added). I told her she was eating a strict paleo dinner and she was surprised. I love showing people that I eat real food that's not weird. The apples were super spicy. I probably put too much clove and nutmeg in it, but I loved the dish. I took the leftover apples and put them in a squeeze up Popsicle maker and had it for a snack later. Pretty amazing dinner and a lot of fun playing cards later. I finished off my plantain crackers. I wonder why we snack while we play cards? It was fun and it was fine, and there you go :)

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