Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's here!

The week of woe-is-me is over and the week of yay-for-good-food-and-health is back. Empty nest. That's that bottom line. They're all grown and moved out, and that was the plan from the day they were born. Time to keep discovering me and my husband and my dog's lives. Lots to come on the excitement scale. Just 24 measly pounds to get to the 100-something pounds mark. I get 24 hours in every day just like everyone else, and each one is precious. Glad to have my sense of self back.

Pretty decent breakfast. The mushrooms were sort of on the strong side.  
I just had to have the prosciutto wrapped asparagus today. I was going to have my leftover pineapple with it, but the derned stuff was fermented! Ick. So, peaches and Greek yogurt it was. Yes, I do have Greek yogurt once in a while. Everything was fine, but not spectacular, so I couldn't give it a 5.
A little bit of pork with caraway and some organic applesauce. Not very exciting, but pretty good. 

Reflections: I have a crepe snack planned for later if I get hungry; otherwise, I'm done for today. I sure could go for some junk food, but it is not going to happen. I need to stay clean for a while. Damn, I sound like a heroin or meth addict - staying clean. There ya go, thought for the day. Food is my drug. That's nothing new, though. It's about remaining healthy and keeping my diabetes at bay, as well as a little weight loss. I got this!

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