Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bought a new toy

FBS 167

Cuisinart - I tend to gravitate toward their products and this morning is no different. I want to rice cauliflower. I don't have and never have really used a food processor. I have a tiny thing that works with my immersion blender, but it's really kind of wimpy. So, I ordered this dealy bob this morning:

It's a mini and should work for what I want to do. Yay for toys that make cooking more fun. Next on my list is a cherry pitter. I need some suggestions for what to get, though!

A simple breakfast that would have gotten a 5, but I didn't have any good fresh veggies to have with the eggs. I am a huge canned carrots fan, so I always have them on hand for emergencies. Part of my new way of eating is to eat vegetables with every meal whenever possible. It's a rare meal that doesn't have a vegetable on the plate. I am loving the organic ketchup. I only use it with eggs and I put a small blob on the plate and then the eggs on top. That way, I don't use nearly as much. I like eggs with vegetables without ketchup, but plain eggs, well, they just gotta have that amazing tomato faux food! Since I over salted and peppered my eggs last night, I was very conservative with seasoning this morning.  (Other than the ketchup, W30 compliant.)

The plantain crackers I made last night have changed the rules of this paleo game, though it's not really a game at all :) 

Egg salad with organic and almost W30 compliant mayo, leftover carrots with ghee and sea salt, and the amazing crackers. The whole recipe used two plantains and that serving is about 1/6th of the recipe. With two eggs in the egg salad, it was perfect. I am so totally amazed that I like these! I'd give this a 5+ if I could. I won't have them every day, but I can see me making variations of these on a  regular basis. Lunch is over and it was well worth it.  

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