Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole7 moving forward!

So here's the plan. Spiral cut some zucchini and sweet potato and crisp them up in the toaster oven. Wah wah. Didn't work. They're cooked, but kind of mushy. So what to do?

After the pancetta was done in a pan, I put the vegetables in and stirred them around, then added a couple eggs. Unfortunately, breakfast is pretty much the same color as the plate, so it doesn't pop, but trust me, it was delicious! 

Sweet potato day! I spiraled the other half of the sweet potato, added some green beans, and cooked them in the same pan with a small steak. The steak wasn't as rare as I like it, but overall, it was a good lunch. I think the key with sweet potatoes is to let them absorb flavors of foods I do like. I'd really like to enjoy them on their own, but I just don't. They're so derned good for you! I'm out of frozen green beans now. Need more! 

The world is good. Chicken sausage, horseradish mustard, and a broccoli mash with 3 tiny leftover new potatoes and ghee. The horseradish is not super prominent in the mustard, but there's enough of it to give it a little zing. Chicken sausage is pretty blah, so it needs a strong accompaniment. Overall, not bad, I say.

Reflections: I've had a good food day. A real food day. Vegetables galore and high quality proteins. I have a peaches and coconut cream snack planned in case I really want something later. I'm still battling nighttime eating demons, but I can take them. I know I can. I started a piece called Beyond Crossfit. It's just a reminder that there are other exercise options for people who follow a paleo/Whole30 diet/lifestyle. It is not a slam on any exercise or fitness program. I'll share it when I'm finished. It's intended to go to Paleo Magazine when it's done. A friend of mine is also sticking close to Whole30 right now and we're holding each other up on Facebook. I shared this with her today: 

And, I totally mean it. When I invoke the power of Si, I'm serious.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Skeeech! Putting on the breaks. Whole7 Day 1

Gonna do a tight bit of eating for at least a week, starting today. I have had a few good days, but not great days. I want great days. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and literally said - "You got this! You're back!" And so I am. Watch me go :)
I had a wild hair. The bowl in the frig with leftover pot roast in it was singing. I got to thinking that I could make a muffin with the meat and veggies. And so I did. Four of them.

They were great. The meat was still tender, the carrots still sweet, and the onions and garlic were still flavorful and yummy. It all went with the eggs very well. I added a little sea salt when I was done and called it a meal. A really good meal. 

A great salad. The photo does not show the pecan pieces that I tossed in, but this is a variation of Waldorf salad - apples (hooray for Honey Crisp!), lettuce, chicken, avocado, raisins, and a bit of mayo. Very good lunch. So good that I got my arse up and walked 2 miles after lunch. Missing from the salad is celery. Otherwise, it would be a 5.

Friday, September 27, 2013

One day before a week at least of W30 eating

I have to remember what it feels like the day after I fuck up. Yeah, I cussed. Am I in or am I out? I'm in for one hour at a time today.
I have some yogurt to finish up, so what better way to do it than with banana and pecans? I need simple today to calm down this stomach. Donna! Your stomach feels like shit! I am making myself a note to read that line every day this week. I'd give my breakfast a 5, but nothing is going to taste all that great today with the rumbling and pooping going on.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 7

Weight up 2, FBS 194

I'm not doing so well on this challenge. I had 2 leftover doughnuts this morning. I later had eggs and cauliflower, shown below. I've had a couple days of tired, cranky, and maybe hormonal chit, including tossing the blankets off at night. I didn't do that last night, so maybe this phase is over. It's Thursday, but that doesn't give me free reign to go totally off road. I'm making a personal promise to myself to keep it together for the rest of the day.
I added about 1/3 slice of cheese to the eggs. Abbey got the rest of the cheese. The cauliflower/sweet potato mash was really good again this morning. I have a bunch of it left, so I suspect I'll have that with leftover chicken for lunch. I like cauliflower not mashed too, but daggumit, it's good mashed! There's organic ketchup under the eggs. Full disclosure! Now to work off the doughnuts. They need to get out of my body. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 6

FBS 197
A different brand of pancetta that was okay, but not great. Abbey liked it. I share with her when I have cooked more than 2. Hey, a German shepherd's gotta eat! I'm about done with the eggs my friend gave me. I suck. I'm so paranoid I'm going to find a chicken inside! I'll stick with my organic eggs. The asparagus were perfect.  

Lunch was a repeat of last night's dinner with the addition of a banana. I later had a half apple for a snack. I've been "hungry" today for some reason. Go figure. 

Dinner was almost amazing. I cooked 1-1/2 sweet potatoes with a head of cauliflower, then mashed that with ghee and coconut milk. With that, a free range chicken breast that was baked after seasoning. Just a touch short of amazing, but oh so good. 

Reflections: The post W30 paleo group on Facebook wants to do tees with "don't stop starting" on them. I'd so wear one! Food today was good, but I'm half cranky and half tired. I need tomorrow's exercise day. I did a bit of stretching today, but it's not as satisfying as moving. I almost took the dog for a walk and kind of wish I had. Today is my mother's and my youngest sister's birthday. I recall my mother fondly and wish my sister all the best. Another day of the challenge down and I'm pretty on target. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 5

I've been up and down with this challenge. Every day, I strive for balance and rightness, and lately, my resolve has not been what I'd like it to be. I have had several moments of "just one" and those simply do not work for me. I'm strapping on my big girl pants today and looking forward to exercise at the pool.
The amazing muffins from yesterday didn't warm up so well today. I didn't eat all of them, and Abbey shared the pancetta with me. Can't win em all! 

Plantain chips! That's tuna salad with too much mayo. Ooops. I also had a half apple and Greek yogurt. Lunch was great.  

Pretty good dinner. Cabbage, onions, and garlic, with mushrooms sauteed in bacon grease. Then I added leftover sausage/beef meatloaf from last night and a can of tomato sauce. The sauce did the trick. I added a touch of parm and called it dinner. I did let it simmer longer after dinner as the cabbage wasn't exactly the right texture, but everything tasted good together. 

Reflections: No real reflections the past few days. I'm working very hard to stay on track. There has been so much junk food in the house for about a week and I've indulged here and there. Today, not so much. It is unacceptable in my opinion for foods to be eaten willy nilly. I am fine with a little splurge here and there, but I'm in dire danger of my own shortcomings when there are things here that can be grabbed and inhaled before they're even tasted or enjoyed. So, that's what I'm not doing. I have another good day under my belt and plan on an early bedtime. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 4

Egg muffin day! Sauteed some ham cubes with asparagus, then added eggs that had been whirled with some salsa. 
What is a salsa egg without avocado? I mean, it would be a sin not to go all out. I made 8 out of the 3 eggs and fixins, so I have breakfast ready for tomorrow and the other half of the avocado.  
Hooray! Honey Crisp apples are back. I bought three yesterday. They were a tad expensive, but they're huge, so it's half-apple per sitting. I warmed up the leftovers from the last few days - mashed rutabaga/turnip and pork loin with a ton of onions and garlic. I'll be a burpie mess, but who cares? Lunch was amazing. The apple was amazing. The veggies were amazing. Yeah, the pork was almost amazing or the lunch would get a 5! 

Looks gross, but it was good. That's broccoli with a half sweet potato mashed with ghee and coconut milk. Too much salt, though. The meatloaf sort of fell apart. It's a blend of ground beef and fresh sausage. Not my best effort, but pretty good. Overall, it's still a 4, even though there were a few things wrong with the meal. The overall tastes were very good.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 3

Ooops, skipped a day of the challenge.

Breakfast went fast! I made a bunch of bacon for me and my husband and sort of ate mine before I could take a picture. But I did take a picture of this:
A little bowl of pineapple. Exciting, huh? On track and feeling great.

I bought some Tessemae's recently and was hoping that Zesty Ranch would provide some variety in taste. After buying some salads today, it was time to try it. 

I added extra ham, but that was a mistake. I took most of it back out. The dressing, though, was good! I was so hungry, though, that a mud dressing would have been good. It was not strongly vinegary and the spices they used are interesting. It's not ranch dressing, but it's also not balsamic, and I needed a change. Now I have choices. I'm not going to make my own, so I'm glad to find one I like.  
Boffo! Socko! Yep, I win Chopped again tonight. A simple burger elevated by its sides - mashed turnip/rutabaga along with mushrooms that were sauteed with the burger. Nuff said.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 2

FBS 219, weight down 0.4 lb
It's not very often that I give breakfast a 5, but this was a 5. I sauteed onions and mushrooms with the pancetta as it cooked. When the pancetta was done, I finished off the vegetables and added a bit of salt and pepper. They were cooked to exactly the right consistency and doneness! I added a couple eggs and cooked them through, turned the big egg and vegetable patty over, and damn. Good chit man. The dog enjoyed one of the pieces of pancetta. After last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast, I feel like I need to go get more mushrooms, turnips, and rutabaga! And I just might. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mark's Daily Apple 21-day Challenge - Day 1

FBS 241 - no big surprise. Day of debauchery yesterday. I also joined the MDA 21-day challenge and today is the start of that. It's a strict paleo challenge, including exercise, getting outside, playing, and sleep. Full life challenge.

Today is the day I tried zucchini fritters. Here's the zucchini, onions, and eggs. I added salt and pepper and let the blend sit for a little bit before popping it in the pan.  
I have been hearing about duck fat, so I bought some. I figured this was a good time to try it out. I fried the fritters until done on both sides, then let them sit to cook through.  
Now it's time to get in my belly! Guess what? I like my regular zucchini and eggs better. I prefer the zucchini cooked down a bit before its mixed with the eggs. I wouldn't have missed trying the fritters, though! They look amazing. I'll stick with leftover vegetables or ones I cook specifically for an egg dish. No regrets! But I can't give it a 5. 

With a rumbly tumbly all day and just an icky all over feeling, I was not into lunch. I had some organic salami left and had some of that with the plantain crackers. I have a pork dinner planned, but I'm waiting for my invisible chef to prepare it! 
A friend came for dinner and cards. I made her a pork loin, cooked apples, and a mash of rutabaga and turnips (coconut milk and ghee added). I told her she was eating a strict paleo dinner and she was surprised. I love showing people that I eat real food that's not weird. The apples were super spicy. I probably put too much clove and nutmeg in it, but I loved the dish. I took the leftover apples and put them in a squeeze up Popsicle maker and had it for a snack later. Pretty amazing dinner and a lot of fun playing cards later. I finished off my plantain crackers. I wonder why we snack while we play cards? It was fun and it was fine, and there you go :)