Friday, August 9, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 9

Weight down 3/4 of a pound. Still no blood sugar meter. Should be here tomorrow.
Breakfast was pretty darned good and very simple in taste and execution. I put the asparagus and cut pancetta on the flat pan, and let them cook slowly. I then added the eggs when they were done and voila, fried eggs with extra pepper. The yolks were amazing with the asparagus. Kind of like a bonus sauce. I didn't really like fresh asparagus before my first Whole30. Neither did I eat zucchini for the most part. I've discovered that making sure I have a vegetable with each meal requires a little trial and error with newer tastes. It's pretty surprising how well vegetables go with eggs. The pancetta is my taste bonus. I may continue eating it rather than bacon beyond W30. 

I got my butt whooped at 2 of 3 Rummy games last night. It was a lot of fun, though. My chicken and broccoli (and the last of my garden carrots) dish went went. I seasoned the chicken with paprika, onion salt, and a little bit of cumin, and sauted it in ghee. When the chicken was close to done, I added a crown of broccoli and let it all simmer until it was done. It was a hit. Robin said it tasted like it had a bit of cheese in it, but I think that was the ghee and spices. I have been cooking stuff to take with me on cards night off and on, and it's become a fun thing to do. I get to show Robin what I eat and I don't skip dinner and eat crap. Win-win!

Holy moly! Lunch was a re-creation of the dinner I made last night, but today, I used beef and beef stock instead of chicken and chicken stock. I need to make this again and again until I'm sick of it. I'm so glad I don't mind cooking. I also had a peach from Harry and David's. It was worth what I paid for the fruit. O M Ghee, it was good. Juicy, sweet, and delicious. 

Reflections: Here I am at day 9 again. I feel right. Other than my grumpy Wednesday, I've been in a pleasant mood and am sleeping like a charm. I'm losing weight. My blood sugar is in order. My blood pressure medicine has been cut in half. I need to remind myself on day 31 that this is the way I was intended to eat. Paleo and W30 are not for everyone. God knows, I never thought I could give up grains, potatoes, and the like, but I did. I am reading lately about the giving up of complete food groups. Well, I still get carbohydrates. I eat fruit, probably more than recommended on a paleo/W30 diet. I have potatoes once in a while when off W30. New potatoes, but potatoes nonetheless. The strict diabetes diets suggest super low carbs. I know people who eat a tablespoon of rice as their side dish. I'm not sure that's worth it to me. But that's the diabetes way. I am finding that the paleo/W30 way is my way. I read labels, stay true to ingredients, and my body works better. What more can I say? 

A woman in my pool class is working a W30 now and enjoying the results as well. I couldn't be happier for her. She's such a *joy* to be around even when she's not on W30, but it's working for her. Her blood sugars have gone down as well. Another diabetic with W30 good results.

I would never push this on anyone. It's my religion, my fanaticism, my life, and my way. But I never knew that till I tried. I'm a lucky gal that I have seen the light and found a path that makes me feel good. Now to get my old lady joints to behave! 

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